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1.7 mil
square feet
days from start to end
> 6 mil
labor hours recorded


This client did not have built-in medical expertise or insurance to provide onsite medical services themselves. With such a large project, there were significant challenges for ensuring jobsite safety and minimizing medical costs.

When workers are injured, they must receive offsite medical care, delaying care and diminishing productivity. Offsite care also risks unnecessary treatment, avoidable claims and preventable OSHA recordables.


To overcome these challenges, the client contracted with Medcor for onsite medical services. We provided a highly trained, licensed paramedic to work the jobsite. She provided first aid, emergency response, drug screenings, blood pressure checks and other support, including help with proactive wellness initiatives.

Of the 153 work-related incidents reported and seen by the paramedic, 132 were treated onsite, with the workers returned to duties without any costs incurred. Only three incidents resulted in lost work time and just 22 became OSHA recordables.

lost time injuries
below state average
of incidents returned
to work without referral
OSHA recordable rate
below state average
$1.7 mil
net cost savings


The client says Medcor’s service “was indispensable in providing the project with immediate evaluation and treatment (nothing greater than First Aid) and, when necessary, referral to advanced medical providers. This allows the project to manage the severity of the injury and to lower medical costs for services that can be adequately performed by less expensive qualified medical personnel.”
Construction Employee