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Bennet Peterson

Ben co-founded Medcor in 1984 and serves as the company’s chief operating officer. Since Medcor’s inception, Ben has led Medcor’s overall operations including hiring and training staff, developing scalable systems, managing logistics, and creating the infrastructure to provide health navigation and clinical services for Medcor’s multiple service lines in all 50 states.

Medcor’s growth and high client retention rate can be attributed to his mentorship and development of a talented team of operations and clinical managers.

Ben also sits on the board of directors for iConnect, Medcor’s subsidiary technology firm, which has developed software applications that support operations for US and European companies.

Ben was a certified paramedic/firefighter for 30 years and is the current president of the trustees of the fire department in his hometown. Prior to joining Medcor, Ben was vice president and chief financial officer of TEK, Inc., where he helped grow the company from $200,000 in sales in 1977 to more than $10 million in sales in 1995. Ben has worked with state legislatures and private industry to help establish new career paths for EMS personnel, nurses, and mid-level providers.

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