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Create a culture of
empowered and
inspiring leaders

Medcor Canada’s Leadership Program is an affordable, flexible learning package designed to develop leadership skills at any level.

Medcor Canada’s Leadership Program

If you are striving to become a more effective leader or have someone on your team with potential, Medcor Canada’s Leadership Program offers individuals the opportunity to invest in their future and build high-performing teams.

Coaching has been on the rise in every sector—and expert training keeps you competitive!

rise in the number of managers and leaders using coaching
of organizations report they are experiencing a leadership gap
of leaders want outside coaching according to the 2021 Global Leadership Forecast Report
of millennials believe their leadership skills are not fully developed

Why choose Medcor Canada’s
Leadership Program

Medcor Canada offers the unique opportunity to partner with an Executive Leadership Coach and training facilitator so that you can:

  • Invest in the future of your organization
  • Teach leaders how to build meaningful relationships and connections
  • Use True Colors as a tool to understand yourself, understand others and value the differences
  • Build a high-performing team!

What are the benefits?

Maximize the productivity and collaboration of your team(s)

Build resilient leaders with the ability to effectively manage change

Create an inclusive culture of empowered and respectful leaders

Enhance your impact to influence through coaching others

Foster an environment of creativity and innovation

Engaged employees are more productive and loyal

Enhance Your Organization

Build the Foundation
Using True Colors personality model as a foundation fosters an open environment of agile, resilient leaders using effective communication and collaboration methods.

Engagement and Development
Employees who feel supported by their manager will be more engaged — increasing productivity, commitment and performance throughout the team.

Relationship and Connection
An environment where people feel safe to share ideas builds trust, fosters inclusion, generates creativity and drives connection.

Unlock Potential
Give leaders the tools to accelerate their development and ability to inspire and empower others.

Be Better with Medcor

Medcor’s advocates — our employees — are leaders.

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