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Providing exceptional occupational health and wellness services is not limited to those situations where you can construct a permanent onsite clinic. For those times when you want to provide your workers with access to quality care, but your worksite conditions do not lend themselves to a traditional clinic setting, Medcor offers a variety of mobile solutions.

Whether that means we construct a temporary clinic on a site your team will be utilizing for a few months or we outfit a trailer with equipment and staff so it can follow your team to different locations, Medcor is flexible and can respond to a variety of situational needs.

Medcor Canada’s mobile treatment centers provide the access and support of emergency response services directly to the project sites getting an injured employee care at the time of the incident. Our four-wheel drive mobile centers manage injuries, not only saving you an ambulance bill but ensuring your workers feel supported, safe and healthy.

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Whatever your unique mobile clinic needs, Medcor has an option to provide quality care wherever it is needed. Speak with a Medcor advocate today.

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