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Entertainment Production Safety Protocols and the Industry Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everything in the entertainment industry, from the way movies are produced to the way live events are staged. Production companies have adapted to new safety protocols and guidelines to protect the cast and crew from the spread of the virus, and Medcor has been there to help clients navigate the particular healthcare challenges of production throughout a pandemic.

COVID-19 Obstacles to Production

One of the biggest challenges facing the entertainment industry during the pandemic has been the need to implement social distancing measures on set. This involves limiting the number of people on set at any given time, as well as increasing the amount of space between actors and crew members. Many production companies have also implemented frequent testing for COVID-19 and Covid Compliance Officers, as well as temperature checks and other health screenings. Throughout the pandemic, Medcor supplied productions and crews with COIVD Compliance Officers, COVID testing, and COVID vaccines and boosters.

The Medical Support Services team also delivered services tailored to production needs like stand-by medical for stunt performers. With our experience in concierge medicine, we have found a way to deploy occupational health services anywhere efficiently. We have even operated mobile clinics at special events for the Olympics and World Cup.

COVID-19-related costs

The entertainment industry has also had to grapple with the financial impact of the pandemic. With live events and movie productions shut down, many production companies have been forced to find new ways to generate revenue, such as streaming their content online or releasing it directly to on-demand platforms. Insurance has also played a critical role in protecting production companies from potential COVID-19-related losses, and securing coverage is important for the industry.

Medcor’s occupational health services save money on needless costs and claims when an injury or illness happens on set. We help keep important productions running even when an incident occurs, impacting productivity and the bottom line.

Post-Pandemic Production

As the pandemic matures into our post-pandemic reality, the future of the entertainment industry remains bright but unique. The industry will continue to adapt and evolve as new safety protocols and technologies are developed. This includes the use of Medcor’s onsite clinics and concierge medicine, designed to diagnose, treat, and provide follow-up care quickly to the crucial crew.

Safety protocols and guidelines will continue to be a priority for the entertainment industry, even after the pandemic is over. Companies will have to follow the safety protocols and guidelines to protect the cast and crew and to prevent the spread of any virus, as we see record numbers of flu cases and new strains frequently. Medcor continues to reinvest in our Medical Support Service Line to quickly identify and adapt to these emerging trends in production safety.

The pandemic affected the entertainment industry in a way no one could have predicted. Production companies had to quickly adapt to new safety protocols and guidelines to protect the cast and crew. The industry will continue to evolve as new safety protocols and technologies are developed and Medcor’s Medical Support Services team has the experience in production medicine and safety to evolve with these new protocols and technology.

Partner with Medcor to protect your cast and crew and prevent stalled productions.