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Virtual Solutions

Workplace accidents are not limited to business hours, but many occupational health and wellness services are. If your employees work late nights or early mornings, or you simply do not have the budget to maintain an onsite clinic, after-hours injuries could easily lead to unnecessary offsite care and expensive medical bills. To provide around-the-clock access to skilled nurses who can navigate your employees to the right level of care at the right time, Medcor offers virtual solutions. 

Our technology-enabled telehealth services field over 400,000 calls annually with direct-to-nurse access to manage injury response, screenings, work clearance and reporting. All our telehealth services can be integrated with other Medcor offerings, and are compatible with all insurance carriers, brokers and third-party administrators. 

24/7 Injury and Illness Triage 

Medcor’s injury and illness triage service answers 90% of all calls in under 60 seconds, giving your team direct-to-nurse access, improving outcomes with early intervention. With over 30 years of evidence-based medicine and data, our injury triage solutions continue to be an industry leader. Registered nurses provide unbiased care navigation to your employees, preventing unnecessary claims and allowing for a higher utilization of in-network services when appropriate. 

Triage Plus 

Factors such as poor mental health, co-morbidities and increasing severity can delay the recovery of your injured workers, driving up the cost of care. Medcor’s triage plus service uses work-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (W-CBT) to identify any psychosocial barriers that may enhance risk, preventing problematic claims. This type of targeted intervention could save you up to 50% in workers’ compensation costs. 

OSHA Reporting 

Serious injuries and accidents in the workplace require a prompt response and OSHA report. Our proprietary software handles the details of OSHA Severe Event reporting to ensure that all time-sensitive occurrences are quickly evaluated, investigated and reported. 

OSHA Recordkeeping 

OSHA has extensive recordkeeping, log creation and electronic reporting requirements that may be burdensome. Medcor helps you simplify the process, complementing your existing incident reporting to capture initial data and determine when a report is necessary. 

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Speak with a Medcor advocate to design a suite of virtual solutions that meet your business’s needs. 

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