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Onsite Clinics

Employee Health Clinics

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. An employee health clinic provides convenient care access to your workers, boosting employee wellness and productivity. You can make your workforce more productive with an employee health clinic.

Medcor’s onsite clinics ensure convenient access for employees and reduce time away from work to obtain care. Bringing Medcor onsite to your workplace significantly reduces workers’ comp claims by having medical professionals advocate on behalf of the employee, providing unbiased care recommendations and navigating them to the appropriate care for work-related injuries, preventative screenings, urgent care conditions, health coaching and safe return-to-work programs.

Onsite clinics help you meet the healthcare challenges of inconsistent quality, rising costs, limited access and regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, employers have experienced a boost in employee wellness and productivity. Medcor’s onsite clinics deliver results through customizable solutions, matching companies with the best people, systems and training to meet the specific needs of their workforce.

Onsite care clinics are located in or near your business, providing care for on-the-job injuries, as well as essential care services to improve your workers’ health. Our employee health solutions are tailored to ensure your health clinics meet the specific needs of your workforce and your business.

Benefits of Employee Health Clinics

Employee health clinics help implement clear, comprehensive safety programs and guidelines to prevent injuries and accidents, minimizing downtime and ensuring convenient access to medical care for both injured workers and those needing essential care services.

For some workers, this convenient access to health centers means the difference between receiving routine care such as preventative screenings, injury and illness treatment and wellness, work-related or not, and delaying medical care. When your employees feel empowered to take care of their own health, you benefit from a healthier workforce and increased productivity.

Here are some of the benefits of having an onsite employee health clinic:

Promote a Healthy Workforce

Worksite clinics offer convenient access to care, allowing employees to return to work faster after an injury or illness. Additionally, the ability to receive care without having to leave work makes it more convenient for employees to receive routine care and testing, resulting in healthier, high-performing employees.

Prevent Unnecessary Claims

Onsite care provides injured employees with health navigation services, preventing unnecessary workers’ compensation claims.

Mitigate Risks

Most work environments pose some risks or hazards. Onsite medical services help you mitigate risk while showing workers you’re invested in their health.

Increase In-Network Provider Utilization

When a referral is necessary, Medcor provides your employees with unbiased care navigation, resulting in a higher utilization of in-network services. 

Safe and Healthy Workplace

Implement clear, comprehensive safety programs and guidelines to prevent injuries and accidents, minimizing downtime and ensuring compliance. 

Facilitate Safe Return to Work

Medcor’s clinic staff facilitate safe return to work and, by providing physicals, clear an employee to return to duty.

Promote Health Security

Our health security solutions keep your staff healthy, stopping the spread of contagious illnesses and maintaining productivity.

Provide Consistent Care

Medcor’s employee health centers use patented technology and algorithms to deliver consistent care recommendations across multiple locations.

Maximize Health Data

With our proprietary systems and consistent data collection methods, Medcor helps maximize the amount of data collected, leveraging it for optimal reporting and analysis. More accurate reporting can help you implement new policies for your workplace to prevent injuries.

Medcor’s Employee Health Clinic Services

Medcor employee clinics deliver valuable health services that include:

24/7 Injury and Illness Triage

Our 24/7 injury and illness triage service is a pre-claim telehealth solution powered by proprietary technology and patented methods, utilizing evidence-based medicine to assess and navigate injured workers to the right level of care, reducing unnecessary offsite visits and healthcare costs.

Physical Exams

Medcor’s specially trained healthcare professionals save you money and time by treating work-related injuries onsite. When appropriate, we provide unbiased care navigation to your employees for a higher utilization of in-network services.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Get workers back on their feet more quickly with onsite physical and occupational therapy services, ensuring injured workers complete their treatment plans and return to work safely.


Keep your workers healthy by removing barriers, such as time and access, by offering vaccinations onsite.


Safety services, including industry-specific training and specialized safety staff, keep your workforce safe, preventing injuries and OSHA violations.

Medical Support Services

Medcor can provide medical support, screening, testing, consulting and training to optimize your employee health clinic.

Talk to an Employee Health Clinic Specialist

Ensure your employees receive the right level care, at the right time, in the right place with Medcor. Talk to an advocate today to see how Medcor’s employee health clinics can help you prevent unnecessary emergency care and workers’ compensation claims while improving overall employee health and satisfaction.

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