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Manufacturing and Distribution

Safety is essential in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Heavy equipment, complex machinery and more put workers at an elevated risk for injuries and fatalities when compared with workers in other industries. And when those injuries happen, worker recovery can be complicated and expensive. 

Medcor is your complete occupational health and wellness solution for your manufacturing and distribution business. Our skilled healthcare professionals offer prompt injury and illness treatment at our onsite clinics, and we provide 24/7 injury and illness triage services through our telehealth solutions. Your workers benefit from experienced, quality care while you see a reduction in unnecessary treatment, workers’ compensation claims and costs. 

Manufacturing and Distribution Injuries

Common workplace injury data from the 2023 Travelers Injury Impact Report 

1.7 MM
Missed workdays due to on-the-job injuries 
Of injuries among workers aged 35-49 
Of manufacturing-related injuries from strains and sprains 
Of manufacturing-related injuries caused by overexertion 

Onsite Clinics for Manufacturing and Distribution

Our onsite clinics provide exceptional treatment for your employees, whether they experience a work-related injury or you opt to provide other essential care services as well. Quick intervention for workplace injuries has been shown to improve outcomes — getting workers back on the job more quickly — and reducing the need for expensive workers’ comp claims and litigation. 

Your onsite clinic also can offer routine care to provide convenient access for your employees, with wellness exams, vaccinations, chronic illness screenings and other services to keep your workers healthy and productive. 

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Telehealth Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution 

Work-related illnesses and injuries do not always happen during normal business hours. Medcor’s telehealth solutions offer 24/7 injury and illness triage, helping your employees find the appropriate level of care for their injuries.

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Safety Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution

Having safety policies and procedures for your manufacturing and distribution business is a good start, but they must be consistently and fully implemented to keep your workers safe. Through Medcor Safety, we provide experienced safety professionals for both short- and long-term assignments. A Medcor safety consultant can help ensure that your worksite is as safe as possible, with comprehensive safety programs and the right tools and equipment to maximize your ROI and protect your most valuable asset — your workers. 

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Wellness Services for Manufacturing and Distribution 

Medcor’s health and wellness services improve your onsite health and safety, allowing you to take the best care of your team. We make it easy to support the health of your employees, making wellness practices an integral part of your work culture. 

Our wellness professionals provide both onsite and virtual wellness services, including health coaching, mental wellness appointments, an employee incentive and activity platform and more. Take care of the whole employee, saving your company money while providing an added benefit to your workers. 

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Athletic Trainers for Manufacturing and Distribution

Repetitive use injuries and strains and sprains are common injuries in your industry. By having athletic trainers onsite with Medcor’s Integrated Injury Prevention service, delivered by Work RightNW, your employees receive hands-on assistance with conditions that could cause them injury. Having an athletic trainer on the floor can help identify potential injuries before they happen, saving you money. 

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Connect with a Manufacturing and Distribution Health Expert 

Medcor can help you find the right combination of services to offer your employees the best occupational health and wellness services in the business. Speak with an advocate today. 

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