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Pharmaceutical and biotech facilities require strict adherence to safety protocols and regulatory requirements due to the unique hazards often present in the workplace. Keeping your workers healthy and safe is essential to successful business operations.  

You need a team who understands the unique hazards of pharmaceutical facilities, what to do when there is an exposure and who can help you remain compliant. To address the distinct needs of this industry, Medcor has established a dedicated “Pharmaceutical Operations Team” solely focused on serving pharmaceutical clients, facilitating a seamless exchange of best practices among our operations leads and other clinic locations at similar worksites.  

Onsite Clinics for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Medcor is your pharmaceutical company’s total worker health solution; our clinics are dedicated to promoting worker health, safety and wellbeing. We offer everything you need to keep your research, development and manufacturing on track.  

Our onsite clinics in the pharmaceutical environment often help manage complex medical surveillance programs, support donor programs, manage occupational injuries, champion injury prevention and provide free general health and wellness services conveniently onsite for employees. Our teams have the experience and skills necessary to capably provide occupational health, urgent and primary care services across all of your locations, improving your company’s productivity while providing an incredible employee benefit.

Wellness Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Keeping your employees healthy is more than just managing workplace injuries and ensuring a safe work environment. You need to help them manage their wellbeing, too. With Medcor’s health and wellness services, you can take the best care of your team and integrate wellness practices into your work culture. 

Our wellness professionals provide both onsite and virtual wellness services, such as health coaching, mental wellness appointments, an employee incentive and activity platform and more. This allows you to take care of the whole employee, saving your company money while offering an added benefit to your workers. 

Telehealth Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry  

Work-related illnesses and injuries do not always happen during normal business hours, or at locations large enough to justify an onsite clinic. Medcor’s telehealth solutions offer 24/7 injury and illness triage, helping your onsite and remote employees find the appropriate level of care for their injuries. 

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Keep your workers safe and healthy with occupational health and wellness services for your pharmaceutical facility from Medcor. Speak with an advocate today. 

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