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Medcor’s Health Services Are Systems-Driven

This means our services are powered by evidence-based clinical standards and technology that work together to guide our staff while they navigate injured workers. Our proprietary systems — like our care protocols, algorithms and patented assessment methods — combine with our software to provide consistency in care, automated documentation and customized reporting.

Medcor has been SOC2 since 2017 and undergoes audits every six months to ensure that company controls are well-designed, operating efficiently and actively protecting sensitive data. We assess the effectiveness of our internal controls and perform separate SOC2 audits for both telehealth and onsite clinics. 

Every investment requires research. Explore how our software integrates with our services to deliver better physical and financial outcomes.

Client Portal

Medcor’s medical software captures and reports vital performance trend analyses and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics to supply reports that you can use to implement preventative initiatives.

Our client portal delivers tailored information based on the needs of your organization. A dashboard displays data and KPIs you can use to make effective business decisions. It empowers you to roll up for aggregate data, or drill down for details. Flexible reporting allows you to configure, run, view, schedule and export reports for benchmarking and analyzing trends. Complete with powerful analytics and visualization tools, the client portal also has secure file transfer and messaging features.

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Proprietary Clinic Software

Our proprietary clinic software, Medfiles, presents a centralized and standardized software solution for managing workplace health and safety data critical to workers’ compensation case management and regulatory compliance.

Medfiles identifies injury type and location and can track medical referrals, follow-up visits, patient activity, lost and restricted work days, sick days, FMLA, disability absences and more. Data collected by Medfiles generates standard and custom reports via our client portal.

Our Medfiles Navigator technology wraps around the Medcor Care Protocols (MCPs), which are proprietary protocols founded on recognized evidence-based clinical standards. With Medfiles Navigator, our onsite clinic staff capture feedback data for each patient visit with defined elements for injury and illness assessment. This means the same injury will be evaluated in the same way everywhere, and employees enterprise-wide have the same injury reporting and treatment process.

Medfiles and Medfiles Navigator are cloud-based SaaS applications that are secure and PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant.

Proprietary Triage Software

Our proprietary triage technology wraps around our patented injury assessment methods to deliver consistent outcomes, automating the triage process so our nurses can focus on the injured employee. This platform was custom-built for worksite triage and automates the triage process. Evidence-based algorithms are embedded into the software for immediate access by nurses, consistency between providers and to allow for efficient updates and additions to the algorithm library.

Medcor holds four U.S. patents for injury triage, delivering consistent outcomes.

With the aid of the technology covered by these patents, an employee who calls with multiple health complaints is triaged by addressing the most urgent complaint first, so there are no gaps in the assessment and so nothing is missed that could turn up later.

The results of these patented processes are valuable, with an average ROI of 6:1. The consistency and accuracy of these patents proves their worth: An estimated 42% of injury calls are resolved by Medcor triage with first aid recommendations and producing an ER referral rate that is less than 1%.

Some other features of this platform include:

  • Automated documentation
  • Geo-location for mobile workers
  • Integrated language interpreter services
  • Voice recordings of triage calls that are available to clients
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Compatible with all third-party administrators, brokers and carriers
  • Storage of client work locations and preferred provider network for referrals
  • Client portal allows you to run reports and download data
  • Provides a framework for quality analysis of the triage process
  • Storage of employee data (when desired) to allow for autofill of demographic and other data
  • Web-based platform supporting call center, virtual and hybrid users
  • And more

Continual development of and improvements to our platforms are made possible by our robust information technology and informatics and business intelligence departments. We also work closely with our subsidiary development firm to develop, support and upgrade Medcor’s core applications.