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Medcor provides occupational healthcare services that improve the health, safety and overall wellness of businesses across North America.  

We have onsite clinics at large multinational corporations and smaller local companies alike, as well as construction sites and critical events, providing exceptional treatment for work-related illnesses and injuries, in addition to essential healthcare services, to keep workers healthy, safe and thriving. Our clinics can operate in a variety of locations and conditions, from permanent structures located at or near your worksite to mobile emergency response clinics that can activate quickly when you need them. We serve everyone from household name brands to government entities, and have the resources, experience and personnel necessary to keep your workers healthy and thriving — no matter the conditions.  

Additionally, Medcor offers telehealth services 24/7 for when workers need care outside of normal business hours or when their employer does not offer an onsite clinic. 

Medcor advocates — our employees — have training and experience serving workers in a wide variety of industries. We make every effort to match advocates skilled in healthcare for a specific industry with a corresponding clinic to ensure that your employees receive the best care possible. 

Our clinics can be found at worksites in a variety of locations, and we work with all manner of business structures. From small employers to the Fortune 100, Medcor advocates are helping keep their employees safe, healthy and productive. 

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Medcor can match you with the right combination of occupational health and wellness services to meet your employees’ needs, no matter what industry you are in. Speak with an advocate today. 

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