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How the Largest Onsite Medical Clinics Increase Employee Wellness

A 2020 survey of large employers found that 72% expected to open an onsite clinic within the following few years, with 60% of those clinics set to offer primary healthcare services to workers. For large employers, many of whom have multiple locations or worksites, finding the right setup for their onsite clinics can be a struggle. 

Taking the time to carefully determine what sort of care you want your onsite clinic to provide and search for the right provider will pay off in reduced injury rates, decreased healthcare and claims costs and boosted employee satisfaction and wellness.  

Benefits of Onsite Medical Clinics 

Onsite employee health clinics improve employee health and wellness and save you costs in both the short and long term. 

In the short term, an injured employee can receive care without leaving work, saving both replacement and management time. In the long term, employees who take advantage of preventative care and screening for chronic conditions improve their health. Healthy workers are more productive and less likely to experience on-the-job injuries. 

Here are some benefits of hosting an onsite medical clinic for large employers. 

Promote a Healthy Workforce 

Finding the time to visit the doctor can be difficult for busy workers. When employees have convenient access to care, they’re more likely to be proactive about their health. This can help them catch conditions that could impact their overall health, increase their use of sick days and reduce their productivity more quickly, getting necessary care faster. 

Workers also build trusted relationships with clinic staff, increasing their use of worksite health services. This means they’re less likely to visit offsite care, keeping your costs lower. 

Prevent Needless Claims and OSHA Recordables 

When workers are injured on the job, they need immediate care to evaluate the severity of their injuries and receive treatment. With an onsite medical clinic, they can receive this care onsite. For those injuries that can be managed by the worksite clinic, you avoid potential workers’ compensation claims and OSHA recordables that result from workers receiving offsite care when it isn’t necessary. 

And when a referral is necessary, onsite clinic staff can help manage the claim to ensure appropriate care and your employee’s safe, efficient return to work. 

Provide Consistent Care Across Locations 

The best onsite clinics for large employers are backed by evidence-based technology that tracks, collects and analyzes data at all your worksite locations. This helps you ensure your workers are getting consistent care across all locations and keeping your healthcare costs low. 

The care algorithms used by your onsite clinic help to navigate each injured worker to the right level of care at the right time, reducing your use of offsite care whenever possible and returning workers to the job safely and more efficiently. 

Use Data for Reporting, Analysis and Prevention 

Access to nationwide data collection allows you to seek out patterns in worker injuries. When possible, these patterns can be analyzed to see if worksite safety precautions can be taken to prevent further incidents.  

This not only improves overall worksite safety for your employees, but it leads to increased worker confidence and satisfaction. Workers will see these safety improvements being made, and they will feel secure knowing you are working to prevent further injuries. 

What Services Can an Onsite Medical Clinic Offer? 

Onsite clinic options come in all shapes and sizes. The best occupational healthcare providers offer a variety of services that you can tailor to meet the unique needs of your business and your employees.  

At Medcor’s onsite clinics, our advocates offer urgent care for work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as routine physicals, preventative screenings, health coaching, mental health appointments and more. 

When offsite treatment is needed, Medcor helps manage each worker’s case through the employee’s return to work, ensuring appropriate care and saving you time. Our telehealth options help manage the health of both onsite employees and remote workers to meet your business’s needs. 

Medcor’s onsite clinics can serve as a full occupational health and wellness solution, with services such as: 

Employee Physicals 

Employees can have access to physicals for returning to work or screening for chronic conditions, promoting employee health while saving them time and hassle. 

Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Your workplace can stay safer and reduce instances of drug and alcohol use by offering onsite drug and alcohol testing. Our mobile testing units come to your worksite, eliminating the need for employees to leave work to be tested. 

Safety Training 

Promote a culture of safety with safety training designed for your unique worksite needs. This on-location training saves you offsite training costs and avoids the need for your employees to travel. Site-specific training is beneficial for overall employee safety and preventing OSHA recordables. 

Quality Assurance and Compliance Programs 

Medcor’s suite of services help you stay compliant with OSHA requirements and safety guidelines. Keeping compliance front-of-mind prevents accidents and injuries and saves your organization from citations and fines. 

Your Onsite Medical Clinic Partner 

At Medcor, we know that no two businesses are alike, and the onsite clinic needs of all businesses are different. All our services can be combined to find the best fit for you and your employees. Ready to get started? Speak with an advocate today.