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The use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace is one of the leading causes of on-the-job accidents. Convenient, cost-effective screening services by Medcor helps decrease the chances that one of your employees shows up impaired, putting themselves or others at risk. 

Medcor’s Employee Screening Services offers comprehensive drug and alcohol program management, including examination scheduling and administration and follow-up services. Our Employee Screening Services encompasses a broad range of options to help you create a secure and healthy environment for your workforce. 

Choose from a variety of employee screening services options to meet your needs, including: 

Drug and Alcohol Service Authorization and Scheduling 

Our proprietary software allows for an electronic record of your employee or applicant’s drug testing and/or physical exam. Medcor can also contact the identified provider to ensure the authorization of services is received and all needed paperwork, if required, is available. Our follow-up process can track the authorized services from testing to completion. 

Triage Referral Follow-up 

This service is tailored for clients who have contracted with Medcor’s triage services and require post-accident drug and/or alcohol testing. Providers are identified that can perform drug screen collections and/or breath alcohol testing, along with injury care. The identified providers are combined with the triage providers list to give optimal service. We contact the identified provider within 12 business hours to verify the required drug and/or alcohol test has been completed. If testing has not been completed, our team proceeds with a customized follow-up service to meet your needs. 

Full Random Program Management 

Turn your random testing program management over to Medcor with our full program management service. This option includes random testing selection generation, random completion reports, notification of testing to the employee or supervisor and alerts of non-completed testing.  

Fitness for Duty Evaluation 

After a medical review officer safety concern determination, an employee is required to have a medical evaluation to determine fitness for duty. Medcor can help identify a suitable independent occupational health provider to conduct a fit for duty evaluation. Our team works with the health provider to schedule the testing, sending appointment notifications to the employee and the designated employer representatives. Medcor also faxes the necessary paperwork to facilitate the evaluation.  

Physical Exam Scheduling 

For post-offer and pre-screening exams, Medcor identifies a provider and schedules the prospective employee’s physical exam. Appointment details are then communicated to the designated employer representative and the applicant. Medcor follows up with the provider to ensure the exam has been completed and, if requested by the employer, obtain a copy of the exam paperwork. A copy of the exam may be uploaded to our sole proprietary data warehouse. 

Annual Physical Exam Scheduling 

For annual physical exams, Medcor alerts the employer within 30 calendar days of the required exam. Our team authorizes and schedules your employees for the required physical, identifies a provider and communicates appointment details to the employee and designated employer representative. Medcor follows up with the provider to ensure the exam has been completed and, if requested by the employer, obtain a copy of the exam paperwork. A copy of the exam may be uploaded to our sole proprietary data warehouse. 

Mandated/Required Follow-Up Testing Management 

After the completion of a SAP or EAP evaluation, Medcor can manage the employee’s follow-up testing. Allowing us to facilitate the follow-up testing frees you of the burden of managing this process. Our team generates testing dates, identifies collection sites, handles scheduling and notification and faxes authorizations to the identified collection site. In the event that a paper Chain of Custody form is required, Medcor can ship it to the collection site. After 24 business hours, status of testing is sent to the designated employer representative. 

Get the support you need to ensure a drug-free work environment.

Speak with a Medcor advocate to discuss your employee screening services needs. 

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