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Giving your employees the right level of care at the right time is essential to reduce costs, avoid claims and improve overall health and wellness. At Medcor, we use evidence-based medicine paired with proprietary technology to streamline and simplify the traditional healthcare process.

Of employees are treated onsite
Average Return of Investment
Agreement rate with nurse recommendation
Workplaces and construction sites


Onsite clinics and mobile clinics provide convenient injury and illness treatment and prevent unnecessary claims.


Keep workers safe with nationwide safety staffing to find the right people for your specialized jobs; customized safety training programs; safety audits, inspections and consulting; and support for safety program development.


Wellness initiatives proactively control rising costs and absenteeism.

Employer Support

The support you need for your health- and wellness-related issues.


Technology-enabled healthcare to manage your employees’ most urgent problems.

Who We Are
Improving Outcomes, Reducing Costs

Our mission is to be health advocates with no conflicts of interest using evidence-based medicine and technology to drive changes in healthcare that improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Understanding the healthcare system can be confusing and time-consuming. Medcor provides health navigation by simplifying the healthcare process for employers, improving outcomes and reducing overall costs. We are advocates on behalf of the employee, guiding them to unbiased, quality and timely care, ultimately supporting the injured worker through the duration of their injury and ensuring they are prepared for a safe return to work.

With Medcor’s health navigation expertise, you can be confident that your employees will be navigated to the right care at the right time and in the right place.

Our Mission & Values

Healthcare costs for U.S. employers have increased 47% in the last decade, and they continue to rise.

These costs are compounded when employees lose productive time at work by going offsite for needed care like medical surveillance, appointments for prescriptions, follow-ups and screenings. When employees at different work locations receive different treatments for the same health concerns, additional costs for unnecessary treatments add up.

Treatment for a work-related injury at an emergency room or urgent care center may not be the right move for every situation. If you’re not a medical professional, making the call about where a worker should go for treatment is not a position you want to be in. Delays in getting the right level of care due to a “wait and see” mentality or the unavailability of proper injury assessment can increase the overall cost of care as injuries worsen.

Medcor not only understands the need to help employers control the cost of care, but also the desire to ensure they receive the quality care they deserve, the transparency they expect, the return on investment they want and the service excellence they demand.

We simplify the healthcare process so you can take the best care of your workforce while still achieving your overall goals of reducing workers’ compensation costs and improving injured worker outcomes. 

Using evidence-based medicine paired with technology, Medcor helps eliminate the guesswork from the traditional healthcare process, prevent unnecessary claims and associated costs, improve health outcomes and get employees back to work sooner.

Integrated Services

All of Medcor’s services can be combined into an integrated program that enhances health navigation, improving outcomes. In-person onsite services and our telehealth solutions complement each other for cohesive worker health and safety.

Medcor’s 24/7 availability and convenient access to care provides early pre-claim intervention. Our proprietary technology and care protocols, along with our patented assessment methods, get health incidents on the right track, right away. These practices prevent those who do not need more than first aid from entering the healthcare process and expedites entry to the right level of care for those cases that need more attention.

When offsite care is needed, we refer employees to your in-network providers. You will see greater in-network utilization for the cases that really need to be there.

Medcor’s services are powered by our software and systems, so worksites can implement standardized, consistent care across locations. Our software customizes reporting for your organization and fulfills state and federal documentation requirements (including OSHA recordkeeping and OSHA reporting


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Let us help you build the workplace healthcare solution that allows you to reach your goals of improving outcomes and reducing your overall costs. Speak with a Medcor advocate today.

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