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Worksite Safety Training

Keeping your worksite safe relies on everyone involved — your workers, your onsite medical staff and even leadership — understanding the steps that need to be taken to prevent accidents. Bringing in Medcor’s safety training instructors for training specific to your work environment allows you to give your whole team the information they need to keep your workplace safe. 

When Medcor safety instructors teach at your worksite, you reduce travel costs for your employees and minimize work interruption. Worksite training also facilitates using site-specific equipment and settings to make topics relevant to your workers. 

Benefits of Worksite Safety Training 

Investing in worksite safety training provides you, your company and your employees with a variety of benefits. 

Save Lives

The more knowledgeable your employees are in recognizing and avoiding hazards, the less likely they are to be injured. By taking the time to educate your workers on proper worksite safety, you are saving lives. 

Boost Credibility

Investing in worksite safety training shows your employees — and your potential clients and customers — that you are committed to maintaining a healthy, safe work environment. This elevates your profile as a business in the public’s eyes, which can lead to an increase in business.  

Protect Health and Safety

Beyond just avoiding life-threatening injuries, safety training helps create a culture that is committed to preventing accidents. This helps you avoid even minor injuries, keeping your employees well and decreasing your costs. 

Improve Morale

Showing your employees that you care about them and their health is crucial to maintaining long-term, productive employees. When you bring in Medcor safety training specialists, your employees see you are serious about protecting their wellbeing on the job, which can lead to an increase in morale and trust. 

Medcor’s Worksite Safety Training Options 

Medcor’s onsite worksite safety training courses are available anywhere in the United States and Canada, and can be designed to meet your specific needs.  

Basic standards apply to all worksites, while advanced courses cover specific industries, standards and hazards. Specialized courses provide technical knowledge and skills. Custom courses are developed for workplace-specific programs and policies and to comply with industry- and state-specific requirements. 

Some of our worksite safety training offerings include: 
  • Construction Industry — 10 and 30 
    General Industry — 10 and 30 
    Silica Dust 
    Hazardous Materials — Awareness, Operations, Technician, Specialist and Incident Command 
    Lock Out/Tag Out 
    Confined Space — Entry Rescue and Non-Entry Rescue 
    Trenching and Excavation 
    Fall Protection and Prevention 
    Respirator Use 
    Crane and Sling 
    Hearing Protection 
    Scaffold — 40 
  • High Angle/Vertical 
    Trench — Awareness, Operations and Technician 
    Confined Space 
  • Industrial Fire 
    Fire Extinguisher Use 
    Fire Brigade Operations 
    Structural Fire Brigade Operations 
    PPE and Respirator Use 
    Search and Rescue 
  • First Aid, CPR and AED 
    American Heart Association 
    American Red Cross 
    Bloodborne Pathogens 
  • NIMS — National Incident Management System 
    Active Shooter 

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