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Occupational Health

How Medcor Helps Your Team Stay Healthy

Medcor delivers cost-effective, customized occupational health solutions tailored to meet the specific needs to maintain a healthy working environment for your team members.

Medcor’s Occupational Health Solutions

With the right occupational health program in place, your organization will save money in lost productivity and unnecessary workers’ compensation claims. Your employees will benefit directly by having their illnesses and work-related injuries treated right there at your job site or via telehealth solutions. Medcor’s services also include preventative care, because healthy employees are less likely to have accidents at work and get injured on the job.
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Occupational Health Solutions from Medcor
Occupational health solutions from Medcor keep your team in compliance with OSHA regulations with a strong focus on preventing injuries onsite. Our solutions can be mixed and matched to create a customized solution for your business.
occupational health solutions
  • Preventative and care of work-related injuries, both in clinics and via telemedicine.
  • A therapist coaches the patient through exercises designed to rehabilitate them after an injury.
  • Onsite care for your employees that’s convenient and saves them time and you money.
  • Give your employees an opportunity to speak with a healthcare professional and undergo examinations without having to leave your job site.
  • Our teams include physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners and paramedics who deliver the best care recommendations onsite.
  • Have your employees tested for drugs, alcohol and chronic illnesses to keep your workplace safe and healthy.
  • A pre-claim telehealth solution powered by proprietary technology and patented methods utilizing evidence-based medicine to assess and navigate callers to the best level of care, reducing unnecessary off site visits and costs.
  • Keep your employees up to date on immunizations and vaccinations, from flu shots to job-specific vaccines.
  • When claims become necessary, Medcor will help manage them from initial injury to your employee’s return to work.
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Medcor is dedicated to creating a safer and healthier workplace. Contact us to start saving money on occupational healthcare.

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