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Providing exceptional occupational health and wellness services is not limited to those situations where you can construct a permanent clinic onsite. For those times when you want to provide your workers with access to quality care, but your worksite conditions do not lend themselves to a traditional clinic setting, Medcor offers a variety of mobile solutions. 

Whether that means we build a temporary clinic on a site your team will be utilizing for a few months or we outfit a trailer with equipment and staff so it can follow your team to different locations, Medcor is flexible and can respond to a variety of situational needs.  

Medcor mobile units have been deployed to provide care following natural disasters, in hard-to-reach areas and facilities that cater to populations with specific requirements. 

Our mobile units report to the site of a work-related injury, getting an injured employee care at the time of the incident. These units also provide drug and alcohol screening services, audiometric testing, fit testing and new-hire testing. 

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Whatever your unique location requires, Medcor has an option to provide quality care whenever and wherever it is needed. Speak with a Medcor advocate today. 

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