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Safety Staffing

Managing a complex project, construction or otherwise, means you need a diverse group of professionals. From superintendents to weld inspectors, finding the proper staff your project needs to be successful, on time and on budget can be a big challenge. 

With safety staffing services from Medcor Safety, you gain access to all the specialty staff members you need to keep your project on track without having to recruit them yourself. 

Our safety staffing and project management service saves you valuable production time by managing your essential employment needs. Increase your profit margin per job, reduce costly overtime expenses and lower administrative costs in payroll, recruitment, advertising and training with our services. 

With our industry low turnover rate of candidates, Medcor Safety is ready to staff your next project.

  • Performs complete background checks and pre-employment drug screening for all professionals we recommend 
  • Manages the monetary costs associated with hiring employees (taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation, training, etc.) 
  • Ensures our employees are insured and have the credentials and experience you require 

Professionals can be deployed on short notice, with the ability to cover all shifts nationwide, and we maintain a knowledge base in both union and non-union environments. Medcor Safety can staff your project in both public and private sectors, and in a wide range of industries. With our industry low turnover rate of candidates, Medcor Safety is up to the job or staffing your next project.  

Our safety staffing and project management roster includes a variety of professionals, including: 

  • Qualified safety professionals 
  • Construction health and safety technicians 
  • Construction managers 
  • Occupational hygiene and safety technicians 
  • Project managers 

These professionals put safety first and understand your industry needs, giving you the quality employees you need without the hassle of hiring them on your own. We even can help you find highly specialized professionals, such as site safety and health officers (SSHOs) required by many federal construction projects. 

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