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Occupational Health and Wellness 

Occupational health and wellness prioritizes the health and safety of employees in the workplace. This includes the treatment and prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as preserving the overall health of your workers. 

What Is Occupational Wellness? 

Occupational wellness treats the overall health of the employee, including physical and mental health, as it pertains to their job duties to better support their work/life balance. 

When your employees feel empowered to take care of their own health, you benefit from a healthier workforce and increased productivity. Occupational wellness provides the support needed to be physically and mentally well, allowing employees to return to work faster after an injury or illness. 

Employers who make occupational health and wellness a priority empower healthier, higher-performing employees. 

Medcor offers two types of occupational health and wellness services — essential care clinics and advanced care clinics. 

Our advanced care clinics are staffed by doctors (MD and DO), PAs and NPs. Their training and experience allows them to provide a broader scope of services, including management of complex conditions, performing physicals, diagnosing conditions and prescribing medications. 

In our essential care clinics, nurses, EMTs and paramedics provide a wide range of services that your employees need to stay safe and healthy, including emergency response; hearing conservation programs; classes in first aid, AED use and CPR; onsite illness and injury reporting and more. 

Our Integrated Injury Prevention service, delivered by Work RightNW, provides onsite athletic trainers to assess working conditions, helping workers reduce the instance of injury. This add-on service is available at all Medcor onsite clinics.  

Benefits of Occupational Health and Wellness Services 

With occupational health and wellness services, your employees receive convenient onsite care for any work-related illnesses or injuries, providing them with the right care at the right time. This results in better outcomes for your employees, saving you money on unnecessary care and claims. 

Occupational health and wellness services benefit your business and your employees in several ways. 

Increased Productivity 

Healthy employees miss fewer days of work, increasing their ability to be productive on the job. 

Care Coordination 

Medcor’s occupational health and wellness services ensure clear communication and can document correspondence with offsite providers. This helps to provide your employees with the appropriate care for their conditions and tracks their readiness to return to work. 

Cost Savings 

Convenient access to occupational health and wellness services offers timely, convenient care for sick or injured employees. This saves you money on unnecessary offsite care and gets your employees back to work faster. 

Medical Specialists 

Your employees benefit from convenient access to trained, licensed and certified healthcare professionals, including physicians (MD and DO), PAs, NPs, RNs and EMTs and paramedics. 

Connect with an Occupational Health and Wellness Expert 

Get the support your business needs to help your workers stay safe and healthy on the job. Speak with a Medcor advocate to discuss your needs. 

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