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Occupational Health Clinic

Injuries at work can cost your business a lot of money. When injured employees aren’t given an appropriate level of care, their recovery could be slower, their return to work delayed and the costs for their care could be exorbitant. 

Rather than sending your employees to the nearest emergency room or urgent care facility, an onsite occupational health clinic offers convenient access and navigates the employee to the appropriate level of care. Keep your employees safe and healthy while reducing your overall healthcare costs with a Medcor occupational health clinic. 

What Is an Occupational Health Clinic? 

An occupational health clinic is located in or near a business, providing employees with immediate care for on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Occupational health clinics also offer essential care, including routine check-ups, vaccinations and other services to keep your employees healthy. 

At our essential care clinics, trained nurses, EMTs and paramedics can help your injured employees onsite, navigating them to the right level of care in the right place at the right time. All of Medcor’s clinics operate under the Medcor Care Protocols, a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and guidelines developed and regularly reviewed by our Clinical Affairs Team

Advanced care clinics — staffed by doctors (MD and DO), PAs and NPs — offer all the services of an essential care clinic and more. They provide more extensive medical diagnosis and treatment, including providing physicals, complex condition management, medication prescription and the management of more complex surveillance programs and exposures. 

What Services Does an Occupational Health Clinic Offer? 

Medcor’s occupational health clinics reduce your costs and result in better physical outcomes for your employees. By providing convenient access to healthcare at or near worksites, your employees are able to stay healthy and improve their productivity. 

Our occupational health clinics offer a variety of services, including: 

Occupational Medicine 

Occupational medicine helps understand your employees’ health and wellbeing as it relates to their working conditions. Skilled occupational medicine practitioners provide convenient access to care for injured workers and help you identify and prevent further injuries. 

Injury Care 

Occupational health clinics provide the right level of care at the right time for work-related injuries. Having onsite care provides convenient access for your injured workers, reducing time away from work, increasing productivity and ensuring they can return to work safely. 

Physical Exams 

Medcor’s advanced care clinics are able to provide routine physicals and physicals to determine whether an injured worker is well enough to return to their duties. During a physical, a provider takes the employee’s vitals and performs a physical examination. This is also an opportunity for the employee to speak with a healthcare professional and ask questions about their physical or mental health. 

Tests & Screenings 

Medcor performs a variety of tests and screenings, including drug and alcohol testing and screening for chronic illnesses in our advanced care clinics. These tests can keep your business safe from infectious illnesses, keep your workers safe on the job and improve overall health. 


From annual flu shots to job-specific vaccines, Medcor’s immunization and vaccination services can help keep your workforce safe and healthy. 

Lab Work 

Occupational health clinics can perform lab work to screen for disease and illness. Medcor’s Employee Screening Services test for drugs and alcohol, and samples can be processed at an onsite clinic, saving time and money. 

Partner with Medcor for Your Occupational Health Clinic 

Medcor partners with you to figure out which of our occupational health services will take the best care of your employees. Speak with a Medcor advocate — one of our employees — today to create a turnkey occupational health solution for your entire workforce. 

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