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onsite drug testing

Onsite Drug Testing

Medcor offers employee drug and alcohol testing programs at thousands of collection facilities and clinics across the United States, including mobile testing units for onsite drug testing services. Onsite testing delivers benefits to employers, from cost and time savings to increased reliability.

Benefits of Mobile Drug Testing Services

One of the biggest advantages to mobile drug and alcohol testing is how much time it saves employers. It’s also far more reliable and much faster than offsite testing. Why? Because Medcor’s rapid drug testing is 100% supervised, reducing the risk of tampered samples. Explore more benefits of our onsite mobile medical services like drug testing below. 

Mobile Medical Professionals at Your Worksite Saves Valuable Time and Increases Production

Typically, when an employee is sent offsite to a medical professional for drug testing, it leads to anywhere between four and eight hours of downtime per employee. That’s a lot of lost productivity and revenue — and it can add up quickly. Onsite testing is not only quicker, but it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you bring a full-time mobile unit to your job site. 

Onsite Drug Testing Is Cost Effective

Reduced costs are a prime benefit of onsite drug testing. Sending employees offsite for testing can lead to lost work time, slowing your project’s progress. With an onsite, dedicated mobile clinic staffed with medical professionals, you can receive rapid results in a matter of minutes rather than having to ship samples off to labs, which can take weeks. Test results show as either negative or non-negative. To confirm a positive test, the non-negative test is sent offsite for lab confirmation. 

Mobile Drug Testing That Fits Your Needs

There are four main reasons an employer needs drug and alcohol testing: 

  • Pre-employment
  • Post-accident
  • To perform random testing
  • Cases of reasonable suspicion

Whether you’re performing a background check on a potential new hire, complying with existing regulations, confirming suspicions about an existing employee or simply upholding your commitment to a drug-free workplace, Medcor’s mobile services are customized to your needs. 

How Your Industry Can Benefit


Due to the nature of construction projects, it’s critical to minimize crew downtime. An onsite testing unit will help drastically reduce lost work time and it puts you, the employer, in control. We can even design and manage entire screening programs, including supervisor training, BAT certification, reporting, online record storage and more.


Drug and alcohol testing in the manufacturing industry is a vital part of keeping your well-oiled business machine running. Medcor allows you to manage all aspects of your screening programs online. Data feeds from laboratories upload automatically so information stays current. Finding results online is a snap, and the system can be configured to send you email notifications when results are uploaded. See data and reports online any time. 

Other Industries 

Regardless of your industry, Medcor’s drug and alcohol testing programs integrate with Medcor’s other workplace health and safety services to offer employers a comprehensive advantage in preventing unnecessary claims and reducing costs. 


A warehouse has many moving parts and keeping your employees drug and alcohol free is critical to things running efficiently. Drug and alcohol testing services from Medcor can help your team stay on task. 


Attention to detail is vital in the biotechnology industry. That detail is preserved when your employees are functioning at their highest levels. Protect your company’s reputation and ensure high quality output with drug and alcohol testing. 

Food Processing

Mistakes in food processing facilities can be costly. Ensure your team is giving you their best at all times and keeping your operations safe with our drug and alcohol testing services. 


The business of entertaining others isn’t all fun and games. Keeping your crew up to the task at all times is crucial. Medcor’s drug and alcohol testing services ensure that your productions operate safely for the best results.