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How Your Onsite Care Team Builds Valuable Trust with Your Employees 

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Your employees are your most valuable asset and keeping them healthy and productive is key to your business running smoothly. By providing an onsite clinic where your workers can receive care for on-the-job injuries as well as routine medical concerns, you’re taking an important step in investing in your employees’ health and wellness. 

To increase the utilization of your onsite clinic, Medcor works hard to build trust between clinic staff and your workers. When your workers have a foundation of trust with your onsite clinic staff, they are more likely to visit the clinic when necessary and proactively, reducing time off work and the cost of offsite care. 

Here are four ways Medcor’s onsite clinic advocates — our clinic staff — build trust with your workers: 

We Build Relationships 

In a typical clinic or primary care setting, healthcare staff may see upwards of 20 patients per day. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for personalized attention and conversations, which can leave patients feeling brushed aside and rushed.  

This limited access to a provider makes patients less likely to visit a healthcare facility unless they’re in dire need, meaning conditions that could be otherwise treatable or preventable are left to progress until they become major health concerns. It also may cause a level of distrust in healthcare providers when patients feel their time and needs aren’t valued. 

Medcor’s onsite providers, however, see an average of eight to 10 patients per day, a significant decrease over the patient load at other healthcare clinics. This allows our healthcare professionals to provide ample time to examine patients, answer questions and address even small health concerns. Your employees feel cared for and supported by our onsite providers, rebuilding their trust and making them more likely to seek care before a need becomes urgent. 

We Are Part of Your Team 

Traditional healthcare facilities are independent of workers’ everyday lives. They don’t see or talk to their doctors and nurses on a casual basis, and they may not feel comfortable addressing concerns that may be embarrassing or sensitive.  

Depending on the individual, this lack of familiarity with their providers could lead to patients opting out of care entirely until a problem becomes too big to ignore. Others may simply put off receiving routine or preventative care, causing them to experience further health complications. 

As part of your employees’ daily lives at work, Medcor’s onsite providers offer a friendly face whenever they need medical care. They know their provider’s name, have conversations about non-health topics with them and reach a level of familiarity and comfort that makes them more likely to address uncomfortable health concerns. 

Additionally, because our onsite providers see your employees frequently, they get to know them on a personal level. This can help open up information about their medical history that may be relevant in an emergency, which can be lifesaving. 

We Provide the Whole Package 

Sometimes, an employer contracts with a company they’re entrusting to run their onsite clinic, only to find out that company is purely a healthcare staffing agency. They will find the people who will work in your clinic and manage their employment, but that’s about where their involvement ends. 

As a result, you are tasked with ensuring they have proper training for your specific needs, and developing the policies and procedures for your clinic are left entirely up to you. You’re even responsible for ordering supplies! 

With a Medcor onsite clinic, we handle everything for you. We set up your clinic for you — whatever that arrangement looks like — right down to the printer paper and pens. We also handle staffing for your clinic, ensuring you get the most qualified people we can find. 

Our onsite advocates also receive specialized Medcor training upon the start of their employment. This training includes information on basic operations of our clinics, any site- or industry-specific information they need to know. Advocates also receive training on our Medcor Care Protocols — our comprehensive clinical standards of care developed by experienced clinicians. You can trust that a Medcor clinic is a complete occupational healthcare solution from start to finish. 

We’re Knowledgeable 

Visiting a traditional healthcare provider means you’re limited by their area of expertise. If your employee has a concern that’s related to orthopedics, for example, their primary care provider isn’t going to be able to do much to help them out besides write a referral. 

This referral is then dictated by the network of care access your employee has, determined by which providers are in-network with their insurance plan. Finding the right provider can be a frustrating mess, and the web of phone calls and internet searches may leave your employee to give up on receiving care for their concern. 

At Medcor onsite clinics, our advocates practice healthcare navigation. We make every effort to address your employees’ concerns at our onsite clinics, but that isn’t always possible. When they need offsite care, we help navigate them to in-network resources, improving the chances they’ll receive the treatment they need while also decreasing your overall healthcare costs. 

Occupational Health Clinics for Businesses 

Taking care of your employees’ health is an essential part of ensuring that your business is profitable. By providing an onsite health clinic, your employees can receive immediate evaluation and care for on-the-job injuries, and experienced assistance navigating them to offsite care if necessary. See what a Medcor occupational health clinic can do for your business — Speak to an advocate today.