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Onsite Clinic

Onsite Nursing

Onsite nursing delivers health and wellness services, allowing your workforce to stay healthy and improve their productivity. By having a registered nurse onsite, you can provide convenient access to immediate care for work-related injuries, preventing unnecessary offsite care and reducing overall costs.

Medcor’s onsite nurses help your workers stay vigilant about workplace hazards, identify patterns in injuries and manage cases to ensure a safe return to work for employees. 

What Is an Occupational Health Nurse?

Occupational health nursing is a specialty practice that delivers health, safety and wellness services to onsite workers. An occupational health nurse is a trained, registered nurse who specifically focuses on employee health, worksite injury treatment and protecting workers from hazards.

Medcor’s occupational health nurses help you take better care of your most important investment — your employees.

What Services Does Onsite Nursing Include?

Onsite nursing services include convenient care for on-the-job injuries and illnesses. When there is an accident and an employee needs immediate care, an onsite nurse is available to respond quickly and evaluate the injury, treating the worker onsite or navigating them to the appropriate level of care.
Medcor’s onsite nursing services include:
  • Essential care services provided by an onsite nurse include the treatment of illnesses and injuries, as well as preventative care services such as health screenings and flu shots. When your employees have convenient access to medical services, they are more likely to utilize them and are more empowered to take control of improving their health.
  • Advanced care clinics are staffed by doctors (MD and DO), PAs and NPs, and offer all the services of an essential care clinic and more. They provide more Extensive medical diagnosis and treatment, including providing physicals, complex condition management, medication prescription and the management of more complex surveillance programs and exposures.
  • When a referral to an offsite provider is necessary, Medcor advocates — our employees — make referrals on behalf of the employee, guiding them to unbiased, quality and timely care, ultimately supporting the injured worker through the duration of their injury and ensuring they are prepared for a safe return to work.
  • Onsite nursing promotes general health and wellness, reducing overall risk to employees. Healthy employees are less likely to have on-the-job accidents, preventing unnecessary workers’ compensation claims.
  • Medcor health and safety services help you maintain regulatory compliance with OSHA, protecting you from inspections and citations. Occupational health nurses also understand the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), working with you on compliance with regulations and laws impacting workers.
  • Medcor’s worksite safety training enhances your occupational health services by bringing safety experts to your worksite, training employees on hazards specific to your site and best safety practices.

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