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What is Onsite Healthcare?

onsite healthcare

Onsite Healthcare

The healthcare system is confusing, and appointments can be difficult to schedule around work and other commitments. This may lead to your employees delaying care for health issues or neglecting routine check-ups entirely, increasing the likelihood they’ll miss work for an illness or injury.

Providing onsite healthcare for employees eliminates the confusion about who to see and long wait times for appointments. You benefit by saving money on unnecessary emergency care and lost productivity while also taking better care of your employees.

What is Onsite Healthcare?

Your employees are your most important business investment. By providing convenient onsite healthcare, you’re protecting their health, safety and productivity, saving you money in lost workdays and expensive health claims.

Onsite clinics offer employees somewhere familiar to go when they’re injured at work or if they just need routine care.

Benefits of Providing Onsite Health to Employees

When your employees have the option of receiving onsite healthcare, they’re more likely to pursue preventive care to keep themselves healthy. Healthy employees miss fewer days due to illness, and they’re less likely to be injured on the job.

Here are some benefits of providing convenient onsite clinic care to your employees:

  • Save money: When an employee goes offsite for care after an injury, you end up paying a lot more for their care. You may even end up paying for unnecessary emergency visits and care.
  • Increased productivity: If your employees don’t have to leave work to get care for an injury, receive a vaccine or get their annual physical, they can return to work quickly.
  • Healthy employees: When employees take advantage of essential healthcare services, it benefits their overall health and productivity at work.
  • Increase recruitment: Showing you care for your employees by providing them easily accessible healthcare makes you attractive to potential employees and customers.
  • Decreased complexity: Workers’ compensation claims can become bogged down in paperwork and other regulations. By providing onsite care for minor injuries, you can avoid some of these claims, decreasing the amount of paperwork you need to deal with.

How to Launch An Onsite Healthcare Program

Onsite clinics are not a one-size-fits-all solution. When you partner with Medcor, our advocates — Medcor employees — work with you to combine our occupational healthcare services into the most customized solution for your business.

Why Partner With Medcor

Evidence-based medicine is behind everything Medcor does. Our advocates are well-versed in healthcare, as well as customer service, and we are driven to continually improve our offerings for your workforce.

Our sophisticated systems and software manage clinic operations, OSHA recordkeeping and customized reports for trend analyses. Electronic medical records and e-prescribing streamline clinic visits. Our continually updated systems and patented software help our specially trained healthcare professionals make the best care recommendations for your ill and injured workers.

Contact a Medcor advocate today to see how an onsite clinic can improve worksite health and safety while saving you money.

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