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Employee Wellness 

Physical & Occupational Therapy 

Injured employees often need a variety of supports and services to get back to work. In many cases, this means they’re prescribed physical or occupational therapy services to rehabilitate their injuries, prevent future injuries and rebuild strength and mobility. 

Medcor’s onsite clinics can provide certified physical therapists and licensed registered occupational therapists to help your injured employees fully recover after an accident or get better at their job functions by improving motor skills.  

Our therapists perform injury prevention and rehabilitation services, including: 

  • Physical and functional evaluations and treatments 
  • Individual and work group education 
  • Ergonomic evaluations 
  • Workstation design and process recommendations 
  • Exercise plans 
  • Transitional work assignment recommendations 
  • And more. 

These services help restore your workers’ physical abilities, alleviate pain and prevent disabilities. By taking proactive steps to assess and mitigate worksite conditions that could lead to injury, our physical and occupational therapists can help you reduce work-related injury rates, save healthcare costs and improve worker productivity and satisfaction. 

We work with your leadership and risk management, and even coordinate with offsite providers when necessary. By instructing, encouraging and assisting workers in performing physical activities, we get workers back on the job and better at their tasks. 

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Keep your workers safe and healthy with onsite physical and occupational therapy services.

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