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PODCAST FEATURE: Curtis Smith, Medcor Chief Customer Success Officer and Nic Patee, Work Right President, on The Granite List Live Podcast 

integrated injury prevention

Recently, Curtis Smith, Medcor’s chief customer success officer, and Nic Patee, Work RightNW’s president, stopped by The Granite List Live podcast to talk about the new partnership between Medcor and Work Right — Integrated Injury Prevention.  

Highlights of their appearance include: 

  • Partnership Origins: The partnership between Medcor and Work Right developed organically from listening to their mutual clients who found value in both companies’ services. This collaboration was not the result of a deep strategic planning process, but rather a response to client needs. 
  • Focus on Prevention: Both companies have a strong focus on prevention in the realm of employee health. Medcor specializes in occupational health, urgent care and primary care services, while Work Right uses a sports medicine model to empower workers to stay healthy and prevent injuries. 
  • Flexible Solutions: The partnership offers flexible solutions for clients, allowing them to choose between integrated services or individual offerings based on their specific needs. This approach ensures clients receive tailored solutions. 
  • Total Worker Health: The Medcor-Work Right partnership addresses the concept of total worker health by providing comprehensive services that not only impact workers’ compensation claims but also personal health and wellbeing. The focus is on the entire individual, not just their occupational health needs. 
  • Client Success Stories: This partnership has led to success stories where collaborative care has improved the health and wellbeing of employees. Client companies have experienced reduced injuries, increased trust from the workforce and more effective care delivery. 

Listen to the full podcast on Podbean.