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Standardization of Care: What It Means for Employers Using Occupational Health Services 

standardization of care

Inconsistent care is a major driver in employee medical cost and return-to-work time. If an injured employee receives more care than necessary for an injury, they may get back to the jobsite rapidly, but you’ll end up spending more in the long run. On the other hand, if a worker doesn’t get the level of care they need in a timely manner, their recovery will take longer, and they’ll be out of work for more time. 

At Medcor, all our offerings — onsite clinics and 24/7 nurse triage line — follow standardized protocols so that every similar employee injury receives the same care. 

What Is Standardization of Care? 

Standardization of care is driven by our interconnected technology. We gather data on worker visits and injuries across all interactions we have with employees, giving us valuable insight into treatment tracks and recovery timelines. 

This data informs our Medcor Care Protocols, the set of standards and best practices developed by our Clinical Affairs team. These Medcor Care Protocols are utilized in all onsite clinics, as well as on our nurse triage line, to ensure quality, consistent care in every interaction. 

As we gather more information and data across our clinics and direct-to-nurse calls, the Medcor Care Protocols are updated so we provide up-to-date care that’s informed by medical best practices, legal regulations and our deep experience in occupational healthcare. 

Standardization Allows for Cost-Effective, Flexible Care 

Because we standardize care across all clinic locations, that allows us to offer cost-effective care at scale. If we have the core elements of care established, they are easily repeatable at new locations and for new situations. This means that you benefit from a reduced cost of care that still meets the standards you expect out of your onsite clinics and telehealth services. 

In our nearly 40 years of experience providing occupational healthcare services to employers of varying sizes, Medcor has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. We are able to take key details about your operations — including the type of work you do, how many employees you have and how your facility is laid out — and provide a recommended clinic setup that accounts for the majority of expected costs. This helps you save on the lengthy, expensive discovery phase, and you know what to expect from the clinic that’s proposed. 

But just because we have a wealth of experience in setting up clinics of all shapes and sizes doesn’t mean there’s no room for your unique needs. 

Standardizing the care we provide allows us to be flexible in responding to individualized requirements or shifts in the industry. Having the basics of onsite clinics standardized at their core allows us to quickly adapt when changes are necessary. This provides your employees with the most personalized, up-to-date care to decrease your cost and improve your outcomes. 

Standardization Breeds Comparable Data and Improved Care 

To continually improve the quality of care at our onsite clinics and through our telehealth services, Medcor regularly audits all employee encounters. These audited encounters are assessed to ensure our Medcor Care Protocols are being followed, and to identify any areas that could use improvement or adjustments. 

When our Clinical Affairs team identifies a pattern of care adjustments, or adjustments that otherwise impact the care our healthcare professionals provide, they evaluate whether a change to the Medcor Care Protocols is necessary. Because the Medcor Care Protocols govern all the care our advocates provide — in person and remote — changes are undertaken carefully and thoughtfully, and they impact the services your employees receive. 

By standardizing the care we offer, any changes made to our Medcor Care Protocols can be rolled out swiftly, and your employees benefit from the most updated and comprehensive service available. 

Your Partner in Occupational Healthcare 

Medcor’s onsite clinics are found in workplaces across North America, and even more companies benefit from our 24/7 injury and illness triage service. Learn more about what our standardized care can do for your employees. Speak with an advocate today.