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Total Worker Health: Athletic Trainers Through Advanced Care 

total worker health support

Keeping workers healthy means more than just ensuring their work environment is hazard-free and that workers receive treatment for any injuries they may experience. While those things certainly are important, companies must take a more holistic approach to supporting their workers’ full health and wellness — both on the job and at home. 

At Medcor, our onsite clinics, teletriage services and employee wellness programs combine to help you support total worker health so you can have healthy, high-performing employees. Through a broad spectrum of care, Medcor helps you provide the best care to your workers so they can be their best selves. 

Read on to learn more about how Medcor’s offerings can help you create a culture of total worker health at your company. 

Essential Care Clinics 

The onsite essential care clinic is the backbone of Medcor’s service offerings. By having healthcare providers close at hand when employees get ill or injured at work, you’re able to provide them with prompt assessment of their condition, immediate care and, when appropriate, skilled referral to offsite providers. 

These clinics are not meant to address every medical concern employees may have; instead, they’re designed to provide a quick, trained assessment of a worker’s injuries, treat what can be treated onsite and refer to offsite providers if necessary. The services our occupational health technicians (OHTs) — EMTs, paramedics and registered nurses — offer at onsite clinics leads to 89% of employee visits being resolved at the clinic. 

Some concerns that can be addressed at Medcor’s onsite essential care clinics include: 

  • Emergency response 
  • Respiratory surveillance programs 
  • Hearing conservation programs 
  • Flu vaccination programs 

That means your employees get prompt, quality care without spending hours at the emergency room, and you save on expensive outside healthcare costs and potential claims. 

Advanced Care Clinics 

Some companies are able to offer their employees a more comprehensive scope of care at their onsite clinics. These are Medcor’s advanced care clinics, staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants.  

Advanced care clinics provide all the injury assessment and treatment services of our essential care clinics, but can offer additional, more complex care. These clinics may be used as a replacement for outside medical care for things such as annual wellness exams and chronic condition management, and care may be extended to workers’ family members as well. 

At advanced care clinics, workers can receive: 

  • Preventative healthcare screenings 
  • Medication reviews 
  • Allergy injections 
  • More complex medical surveillance programs 
  • Annual wellness exams 

Your employees get the convenience of visiting a medical professional for all their health concerns without having to worry about scheduling an appointment, taking time off work or battle traffic. This keeps them healthy and productive. 

24/7 Teletriage  

For those times when your onsite clinic is closed, or if you are not able to utilize a full-time onsite clinic, teletriage provides many of the same services as our essential care clinics. When a worker is ill or injured, rather than going to the onsite clinic or offsite emergency room, they dial a 24/7 direct-to-nurse line. 

Our teletriage service is staffed by trained nurses who utilize our proprietary software to guide carepath recommendations to your employees. Guided by our Medcor Care Protocols, this software can get your workers the care they need, whether that’s first aid onsite or a trip to the emergency room. This service takes the guesswork out of employee injuries, giving you confidence that your workers are getting the appropriate level of care even when they don’t have access to an in-person medical provider. 

Integrated Injury Prevention 

Managing injuries correctly when they happen is important, but prevention is the best way to keep your workers healthy and your costs low. Medcor’s Integrated Injury Prevention service, delivered by Work RightNW, an optional add-on to our onsite clinics, provides certified athletic trainers who work to identify and mitigate potential hazards in your workplace. 

Through this partnership, Medcor’s onsite clinics can provide worksite ergonomic assessments, wellness education and job-role-specific physical coaching to reduce injuries before they occur. Regular floor walks and ergonomic assessments mean hazards such as inefficient workstation setup or poor lifting technique — things that could lead to repetitive use or strain injuries — can be discovered and corrected before anyone gets injured. 

This level of preventative care also shows your employees that you take their health and wellbeing seriously, and are actively looking for ways to keep them safe at work.  

Safety Training Programs 

Workplace safety is a collective effort and ensuring that your workers are well-trained in your safety procedures is critical to maintaining safety and security. If your workers don’t know how to follow your safety policies, or your policies aren’t complete and clear, you run the risk of additional workplace accidents happening. 

Medcor’s safety training professionals can help you through every part of the safety training process, from reviewing and updating your safety protocols to conducting safety training sessions with your employees. Our team gives you and your employees the tools and skills you need to stay safe on the job, preventing injuries and reducing costs. 

Safety Staffing 

Construction projects often require specialized skills and knowledge that may be difficult to find in the community surrounding your worksite. This can lead to delays, costly plan revisions and even issues with compliance with regulations. 

At Medcor, we have the capability to source a variety of highly trained and skilled safety professionals — including quality control managers, weld inspectors, program auditors and more — from across the country and have them ready to start work for you on short notice. We take care of everything, including training, background checks, pre-employment drug screening and cost management, so you just get the skilled safety professionals your project needs. 

Employee Wellness Programs 

Supporting total worker health goes beyond caring for on-the-job injuries and enacting prevention programs. You must also find ways to help your workers become their healthiest, most productive selves. And with an employee wellness program, you can give your workers the tools and support they need to care for their health and wellbeing on and off the job. 

With a variety of program options, Medcor can help you keep your employees healthy and high-performing with wellness challenges, mental health first aid training, wellness coaching and more. Wellness offerings can be conducted from your onsite clinic or virtually, allowing you to offer this added benefit to your employees wherever they are. 

Your Partner in Total Worker Health 

Your business needs healthy, productive employees, and your employees deserve the best occupational health and wellness benefits you can provide. By partnering with Medcor, you’re able to provide all the services your employees need to stay safe and healthy without the high costs. Speak with an advocate today.