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Construction Health and Safety Clinics

The construction industry is full of risks to workers, from minor cuts and scrapes to hazardous falls. Getting employees proper treatment for work-related injuries is key to ensuring the worker heals quickly and completely. And evaluation of the events that led up to the worker’s injuries is essential to preventing future incidents.

With Medcor’s construction health and safety clinics, you can get your workers the care they deserve in the event of an incident and have an extra set of eyes working proactively to identify hazards and eliminate potential risks onsite.

Medcor has the experience, equipment and professionals needed to provide your workers with quality care, no matter the environment or nature of the project. Our fixed-location onsite clinics and mobile clinics deliver health services provided by an occupational health technician who is specifically trained in construction medicine. Your workers receive first aid care according to our proprietary Medcor Care Protocols.  Injuries outside of the Medcor scope of care are quickly identified and referred offsite to the appropriate level of care.  

Construction clinics provide time and cost savings by providing care at your jobsite.  We also offer additional services at our construction health and safety clinics, such as drug and alcohol testing, medical surveillance exams and safety program support. Medcor can deploy teams rapidly and provide up to 24/7 coverage in both rural and urban settings across North America. Telehealth solutions such as injury and illness triage complement onsite offerings, and optional wellness programs allow you to help support your workers’ wellbeing beyond just work-related injuries. 

Our Construction Health and Safety Clinic Offerings 

Medcor’s construction health and safety clinics are designed to meet the unique needs of your projects.  

Some of the services we offer at our onsite and mobile construction clinics include: 

  • Audiometric testing 
  • Drug and alcohol testing (DOT and non-DOT) 
  • Fitness for duty exams 
  • Off-hours injury and illness triage 
  • OSHA recordkeeping 
  • OSHA reporting 
  • OSHA training 
  • Pulmonary function testing 

We draw on deep experience in the construction industry, capably delivering health and safety solutions to your jobsite. Medcor occupational health clinics can be found on a variety of construction projects, including: 

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