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Mobile Clinics 

Not all worksite situations allow for a permanent onsite clinic. Those with frequently changing locations, special circumstances or those worksites that are only temporary require a tailored solution to their unique challenges of providing exceptional care for on-the-job injuries. 

Medcor offers a mobile clinic solution to meet your jobsite’s individualized needs. Our specially trained healthcare staff can respond quickly to accidents when they happen, and our mobile clinic solutions allow us to provide care in a variety of challenging conditions. With a mobile clinic from Medcor, you can take the best care of your employees while decreasing your overall costs — wherever you may work. 

Mobile clinics allow you to meet the challenges of inconsistent care quality, rising costs, limited access and regulatory compliance requirements, all while improving employee wellness and productivity. Medcor’s mobile clinics deliver results through tailored care solutions, matching you with the best people, systems and training to meet your workforce’s specialized needs. 

Our mobile units can report to the site of a work-related injury and get an employee quick care. We also can provide other non-emergency services, such as drug and alcohol screenings, audiometric testing and new-hire orientations. 

Benefits of Mobile Clinics 

Mobile health clinics provide your employees with convenient access to medical care for injuries, even in unusual working conditions. 

Some benefits of having a mobile clinic: 

Reduce Risks 

Mobile clinics allow you to track and identify the sources of common injuries and mitigate risks, reducing further injuries and accidents. 

Prevent Unnecessary Claims 

In cases where an employee can be treated with first aid, there is no need to send them offsite for care or generate a workers’ compensation claim. When employees do need specialized care, our advocates navigate them to appropriate, in-network resources, decreasing your costs. 

Respond Quickly to Incidents 

Mobile clinics can respond rapidly when and where a worker is injured, giving them prompt care even in more remote settings. 

Medcor’s Mobile Clinic Services 

Medcor mobile clinics provide your employees with valuable health services, including: 

Injury Care 

Work-related and non-work-related injuries can be treated and managed by Medcor providers from our mobile units. 

Medical Specialists 

The medical specialists who staff Medcor’s mobile units include nurses, EMTs and paramedics. 

Audiometric Testing 

Our mobile audiometric testing facility has eight stations, allowing for up to 120 employee audio tests per eight-hour workday. We also can test in multiple languages. 

Tests and Screenings 

Ensure your employees are safe and healthy with drug and alcohol testing, as well as screening for chronic illnesses. 


A vaccinated workforce misses fewer days of work due to illness. Our mobile clinics offer routine immunizations such as flu shots. 

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Provide your employees with the right level of care, at the right time, in the right place — no matter your working conditions — with a Medcor mobile clinic. Talk with an advocate today. 

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