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Healthcare is personal. As an employer, healthcare is a service you provide to ensure that your workforce and their loved ones are healthy and cared for. Understanding the healthcare system can be confusing and time-consuming — and there are many potential conflicts of interest. All of this leads to delayed care, unnecessary treatment and lost productivity.

If your organization needs reduced healthcare spend and a simplified healthcare process, Medcor Canada understands the complexities of the healthcare system and provides support so you can focus on your business priorities with a healthy, productive workforce. Our solutions prevent unnecessary claims by keeping people out of the traditional healthcare system, preventing overtreatment and overprescribing — while ensuring serious cases get the care they need without delay. Medcor also facilitates wellbeing, safety initiatives and injury prevention.

Medcor Canada, originally founded as Leading Edge Medical Services, has been in operation since 2005. We connected with our parent company, Medcor Inc., in 2014 when we were introduced through a client. As two companies with similar goals and values, our discussions about the work we do on either side of the border brought us to the realization our companies were a perfect match to partner and become a company capable of providing a superior customer experience to our clients across North America. In 2016, Leading Edge Medical Services rebranded to Medcor Canada.

Medcor provides health navigation, simplifying the healthcare process for employers, improving outcomes and reducing overall costs. We are advocates on behalf of your employees, guiding them to unbiased, quality and timely care, helping support injured workers throughout the duration of their injuries and ensuring they are prepared for a safe return to work. With Medcor’s health navigation, you can be confident that your employees will be navigated to the right care at the right time and in the right place. We accomplish health navigation through workplace and construction employee clinicstelehealth solutions like injury and illness triage and safety services.

For more than three decades, our leadership has worked relentlessly to develop systems and software, backed by evidence-based medicine, that achieve the results our client-partners expect and the quality they trust.

Guiding health principles illustrate our commitment to using evidence-based practices, not only in our services, but also in our own lives. Our values are what drive us to set the expectations in occupational health and safety, delivering on our mission.

Our Leadership

Medcor is led by a team of dedicated, experienced professionals and subject-matter experts who are passionate about delivering sustained positive results to our client-partners, maintaining the highest level of quality.

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