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Liquefied Natural Gas 

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to coal-based fuels, but working in an LNG facility can have occupational risks. Fires, exposure to toxic substances and other accidents mean keeping a safe, secure worksite is essential to protecting the workers and the success of the project. When injuries happen, recovery can be expensive and disruptions to production can be lengthy. 

Medcor is your LNG facility’s complete occupational health and wellness solution. Our experienced safety professionals can help your team develop and refine your emergency action plan, offer first aid training and find experienced safety professionals to fill your specialized positions. If your team works odd shifts, telehealth solutions provide evidence-based injury and illness triage to your workers. 

Our onsite clinics and mobile treatment centers give your workers convenient access to quality healthcare services, no matter where your worksite is located. These facilities are staffed by medical professionals experienced in treating your workers’ most common illnesses and injuries, often resolving instances without the need for offsite care. 

One-on-one and group mental health support services keep your workers healthy, happy and productive. They proactively develop the tools they need to find balance, improve their self esteem and manage stress. 

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