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Pipeline and Mining 

Pipelines and mines are full of natural risks, with injuries increasing an aggregate of 46.4% from 2019 to 2021, according to a 2021 report by the Government of Canada. Explosions and fires, broken bones and toxic poisoning are all common injuries that workers in the pipeline and mining industries are at a greater risk for. When these injuries happen, worker recovery can be complicated and expensive. 

Medcor is your total occupational health and wellness solution for your pipeline or mining business. Our team of experienced safety professionals can help you develop and refine your emergency action plan, provide first aid training and find experienced safety professionals for your specialized positions. For those teams working odd shifts, telehealth solutions offer experienced injury and illness triage to your workers. 

Provide convenient access to quality healthcare services with our onsite clinics and mobile treatment centers. These facilities are staffed by medical professionals with experience treating your workers’ most common injuries and illnesses, and they resolve many instances without offsite care. 

Keep your workers healthy, happy and productive with one-on-one and group mental health support services. Your employees proactively develop the tools they need to find balance, improve their self esteem and manage stress. 

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Improve worker outcomes and manage your costs with the right combination of services to offer your employees exceptional occupational health and wellness services. Speak with an advocate today. 

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