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Onsite Solutions

Providing an occupational health clinic for your ill and injured employees helps you control your costs while still offering exceptional care. When your employees can conveniently receive evaluation and treatment of their work-related injuries, they are less likely to require offsite care. This gets them back to work faster and reduces the overall cost of that injury.

Medcor’s onsite clinic solutions allow for convenient access to care, reducing their time away from work to receive medical treatment. Bringing our clinic to your worksite helps manage your workers’ compensation claims by providing medical professionals who advocate on behalf of your employees, providing unbiased care recommendations and navigating them to the appropriate care for work-related injuries, preventative screenings, urgent care conditions, health coaching, and safe return-to-work programs.

Our onsite care clinics are located in or near your business and provide care for both work-related injuries and essential care services that improve your workers’ health and wellness. Medcor’s employee health options are tailored to ensure that your onsite clinic meets the specific needs of your workforce and your business.

Medcor’s Onsite Offerings 

Medcor’s employee clinics deliver a variety of valuable health services, including: 

24/7 Injury & Illness Triage

This pre-claim telehealth solution powered by proprietary technology and patented methods offers 24/7 injury and illness triage.  We use evidence-based medicine to assess and navigate injured workers to the right level of care, reducing the amount of unnecessary offsite visits and managing your healthcare costs.

Physical Exams

Our specially trained healthcare professionals treat on-the-job injuries onsite, saving you time and money. When appropriate, we provide unbiased care navigation to your employees.


Remove barriers, such as time and access, to routine immunizations that keep your workers healthy by offering vaccinations onsite.

Talk to an Onsite Clinic Solutions Specialist 

Ensure that your employees receive the right level of care, at the right time, in the right place with Medcor’s onsite clinics. Talk to an advocate today to see how Medcor’s onsite solutions can help you prevent unnecessary emergency care and workers’ compensation claims while improving overall employee health and satisfaction. 

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