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5 Benefits of Onsite Health Screenings 

benefits of onsite health screenings

Routine health screenings for everything from chronic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, as well as screenings for acute infections, are an important part of keeping your workers healthy and productive.  

While many employers offer these health screenings at offsite healthcare facilities, providing them from your onsite clinic has a wealth of benefits. Here are five key benefits of offering onsite health screenings. 


Sending employees offsite for their health screenings seems like the easiest solution. You don’t have any of the logistical challenges such as finding a provider onsite, having space and supplies for the screenings or managing the process for receiving results. However, this solution is often expensive. 

If you opt to work with one offsite provider, you must pay their fees to conduct the screenings. Employees also must travel to the provider’s location for their screenings, which could require them to take time off work and, as a result, decrease their productivity. 

Partnering with your onsite clinic provider to offer health screenings at your workplace decreases a lot of these costs.  

Your workers won’t have to travel to receive their screenings, so they’ll miss less work and you won’t lose productive hours. Additionally, you’ll offer screenings conducted by the healthcare professionals who are already onsite at your clinic, so you won’t incur extra costs with finding a provider to administer the tests. 

Wrapping your employee health screenings into the services you offer at your onsite clinic saves you money while providing a service to your workers. 

Convenient for Employees 

Figuring out when they can report for a health screening, whether it’s a routine screening or due to symptoms or exposure to an illness, can be frustrating for your employees. They don’t want to take time out of their workday to drive to a separate facility, only to be at the mercy of the wait times to be seen. And if they’re trying to avoid scheduling appointments during the workday, options are much more limited — and may even be nonexistent. 

Hosting onsite health screenings removes these barriers of time and transportation, making prioritizing their health easier and more convenient for your employees. If they’re able to get screened on their lunch break, before they clock in or before they head home, they’re more likely to get the care they need. Their satisfaction with your work environment will increase, as they’ll feel that you value their health and wellbeing. 

Increases Integrity of Results 

Working with external health screening providers can be a mixed bag. You need to balance your costs with convenience for your employees, the ability to offer the screenings you need the most and ensuring you get accurate results. 

Finding the right provider can be a challenge, and it may leave you wondering whether the samples are being kept sterile and the tests are accurate. 

Many facilities outsource their test processing but won’t tell you that they’re doing so. This could lead to sub-par testing procedures and inaccurate results. Your employees don’t get the answers they deserve about their health and, in the case of potentially infectious diseases, you are at risk of returning ill employees to work to infect others. 

By utilizing your onsite clinic provider for health screenings, you can improve the accuracy and reliability of results. You already trust your onsite care team to assist ill and injured workers, and they understand the unique needs of your company.  

Improves Worker Health 

Regular health screenings help detect diseases that could have lifelong impacts on your workers’ health and wellbeing. Catching certain conditions early, such as diabetes or high cholesterol, make them more manageable and help your employees stay healthier. 

Additionally, if you’re seeing a rash of infectious disease in your workplace, onsite health testing can identify those who are ill — even if they aren’t showing symptoms — so you can send them home. By quickly isolating an infectious disease, you can minimize its spread and reduce the disruption to your work activities. 

Boosts Recruitment 

Recruiting quality talent goes beyond paying them well, offering solid benefits and creating a dynamic work environment. Workers want to know that you, as a leader in your business, value them as people and care about their wellness. 

Offering onsite health screenings your employees can take advantage of when they have concerns about their health is a unique thing that will set you apart from the competition with potential workers. They will see that you value keeping your employees healthy, potentially making them more likely to choose to work with your company. 

Your Partner in Worker Health and Wellness 

At Medcor, we take our job of ensuring that your employees are safe and healthy at work seriously. Our onsite clinics not only offer prompt care and evaluation to those workers who get injured on the job, but our advanced care clinics can offer many of the same services your employees expect from their primary care physicians. Learn more about the benefits an onsite clinic provides to your workers. Speak with an advocate today.