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Medcor and Work Right NW to Collaborate to Transform Injury Prevention for Labor-Intensive Industries

Innovative partnership enhances total worker health and redefines workforce resilience. 

[McHenry, Ill. – September 12th, 2023] — Medcor, a trusted name in workplace healthcare delivery, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Work RightNW, a leader in providing injury prevention by using athletic trainers in an occupational setting. This collaboration aims to deliver true total worker health by combining onsite injury prevention with onsite treatment. 

This partnership delivers an expanded spectrum of care to employees by strengthening prevention through the addition of worksite athletic trainers. By combining the capabilities of onsite clinics and skilled athletic trainers, Medcor and Work Right empower organizations to bolster workforce health through worksite ergonomic assessments, wellness education and job-role-specific physical coaching including wearable technology solutions — all designed to reduce injuries before they occur. This approach not only ensures the wellbeing of employees but increases productivity and contributes to cost savings.  Work Right will also use Medcor’s Telehealth Triage service to power their ‘On Demand’ offering, expanding their capacity and service options for their customers.  

Medcor’s reputation for excellence in occupational healthcare services merges seamlessly with Work Right’s tailored solutions and, together, they offer a comprehensive approach to total worker health, through injury prevention, data-driven risk mitigation and onsite treatment. By prioritizing employee wellbeing and providing access to specialized care at the worksite, companies can expect to witness an increase in productivity, employee satisfaction and overall operational efficiency alongside a strong return on investment. Medcor and Work Right’s collaboration is set to reshape the narrative around workplace health and safety, and the integration between the two partners will allow for a smooth transition in worker care from injury prevention to injury treatment. Additionally, companies and employees experience a greater level of care and productivity by keeping injury follow-up appointments onsite, allowing for data flow integration between the two services.  

“Together, we seek to revolutionize the way companies manage workplace safety.” stated Nic Patee, president and founder of Work Right. “As companies focus on LEAN principles, metrics have replaced people. Our goal is to achieve injury reduction metrics by caring for the individual and Medcor is the perfect partner to help us achieve that.”  
Philip Seeger, CEO of Medcor added, “Our exclusive partnership with Work Right allows us to elevate injury prevention for our clients. By synergizing Medcor’s expertise in onsite clinics and telehealth triage with Work Right’s innovative prevention strategies, we’re reshaping how organizations address the overall wellbeing of their workforce.” 

About Medcor: 

Medcor provides occupational health, wellness and safety services to help companies reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes. Medcor provides its services through onsite clinics, injury triage, mobile clinics and safety services. Medcor clients include large, medium and small companies, and private and public firms across a range of industries. Medcor operates in urban, suburban and rural settings throughout the United States and Canada. 

About Work Right NW: 

Work Right is a leading provider of athletic trainer solutions for labor-intensive industries, committed to reshaping how organizations approach employee health and safety. Their data-driven strategies and innovative approaches redefine injury prevention, helping businesses thrive in demanding work environments.