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Strategies to Mitigate Workplace Health and Safety Risks

On-Demand Webinar 

Are you ready to move beyond traditional risk management strategies and take a proactive approach to establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy working environment? This exclusive webinar will equip you with various injury prevention tactics you can adopt to minimize workplace accidents and injuries. 

Steven Fassnacht

Senior Regional Sales Manager

Alex Prewitt

Executive Director, Sales – Worksite Health & Wellness

Scott Kantenwein

Executive Director of Telehealth Partnerships- Insurance Carrier Market

Cody Seeger

Vice President, Sales

Key topics include: 

  • Exploring a proactive prevention model that includes onsite clinics, safety training and preventative treatment tactics. 
  • Discovering how the current risk management model leads to increased OSHA recordable rates, costs and time away from work. 
  • Learning key strategies your organization can implement, such as ergonomic assessments and safety training, to truly make a difference in your work-related injury rates. 

Access this invaluable opportunity to be a part of the journey toward a healthier, safer and more productive workforce by viewing this webinar today.