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Philip Seeger

Philip C. Seeger

Philip has been a Director of Medcor and its President & CEO, since he co-founded the company in 1984. Philip is a pioneer in developing health navigation and other innovative clinical services, including telephonic injury triage and adaptive on-site health clinics. These services use evidence-based medicine and technology to improve care and reduce costs while improving outcomes.

Under Philip’s direction, Medcor has grown from a start-up company to an international corporation, employing over 1,000 people in four countries, operating more than 230 on-site clinics and providing injury triage services to over 250,000 worksites. Philip holds multiple U.S. Patents for his work in health care decision support technology and has positioned Medcor as a leader in healthcare transparency and conflict-free fee structures.

In addition to Medcor, Philip helped start six successful businesses; three of which were sold to Fortune 500 companies, and he remains active with the other three. He is also a Director of NRI, Inc., American Escrow & Closing Company and Medcor’s subsidiaries, iConnect and Medcor Canada. Philip was a partner of CroBern Management Partnership, a healthcare management and investment firm which holds investments in several healthcare start-ups. Philip has held certifications as a nationally registered paramedic and an underwater rescue and recovery diver.

In addition to his business interests, Philip has served as a volunteer on the Emergency Medical Services – Mobile Intensive Care Committee for the Chicago Hospital Council, Barrington Fire Protection District Board and has served on the Foundation Board of Directors of San Diego Zoo Global..

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