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Remote Patient Services

Remote Patient Services 

Accidents do not always occur during normal business hours, but they still require a prompt response. In the event of serious incidents, it is essential that paperwork and other reporting activities begin quickly. 

With Medcor’s remote patient services, your business gets access to 24/7 on-demand evaluation, investigation and reporting of time-sensitive and serious incidents. Our proprietary software handles the details of OSHA reporting requirements to take the burden off you and your team. Remote patient services can be added to your existing Telehealth services, or as a standalone option. 

OSHA Severe Event Reporting

OSHA requires employers to report all severe work-related injuries, including a description of the incident and the name and address of the location where the injury happened. With Medcor’s remote patient services, you can quickly begin the reporting process, ensuring accurate and timely information and decreasing reporting violations and fines.  

OSHA Recordkeeping 

There are extensive requirements for recordkeeping, log creation and electronic reporting from OSHA. Keeping up with every detail can be overwhelming, and even a small mistake could lead to expensive fines and violations. 

Medcor’s OSHA recordkeeping service complements your existing incident reporting process, utilizing multichannel notification to capture initial data and determine OSHA Severe Event Reporting and recordkeeping requirements. Our proprietary software tracks each event by location and provides thorough event data collection. 

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