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Construction Health & Safety 

Commercial Construction Project Services

Large-scale commercial construction projects such as high-rises, stadiums, hospitals and airports require a lot of manpower, which brings with it a lot of opportunity for work-delaying injuries. Keeping your workers safe while on the job is essential to ensuring your project stays on schedule and on budget. 

Medcor’s construction health and safety services can help you keep your workers healthy and productive, saving you time and money. 

Your commercial construction project has a lot of moving parts, and even minor delays and staffing deficits that result from on-the-job injuries can derail your whole schedule. Keeping your workers safe and healthy means providing immediate assessment and treatment for work-related injuries, decreasing instances of drugs and alcohol at work and supporting the overall health and wellness of your team. With Medcor, your jobsite can have all these services — and more. 

Onsite Clinics 

Experienced occupational health technicians (OHTs) can provide illness and injury assessment at a permanent onsite clinic, with staffing up to 24 hours a day available. These facilities offer the appropriate level of care for a worker’s injuries, with many on-the-job accidents resolved with onsite first aid. When necessary, injured workers are referred offsite for additional treatment. By routing only the workers who need extra care offsite, you save money on medical costs, workers’ compensation claims and OSHA recordables. 

Mobile Clinics 

Not all worksites are suited to a permanent clinic structure. In these instances, Medcor’s mobile clinics provide the same quality care for work-related illnesses and injuries with the flexibility to move locations or set up in unusual places. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing 

Team members who show up to work under the influence of drugs and alcohol not only are not giving you their best work, but they are also more at risk of on-the-job injuries. Screen your employees for drugs and alcohol at your onsite clinic, increasing compliance and your chances of accurate results. Medcor also offers design and management of your entire drug and alcohol testing program, including supervisor training, BAT certification, reporting and online record storage. 

Employee Wellness Programs 

Healthy employees are happy, productive employees, and you can encourage your workers’ health with Medcor’s employee wellness services. We offer onsite and remote wellness services to meet your team’s needs, including mental health first aid training, health coaching, lifestyle assessments and more. 

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