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OSHA Reporting

Serious incidents in the workplace, including work-related deaths and major injuries, require strict adherence to OSHA reporting requirements. Certain incidents, for example, must be reported within eight hours, while others must be reported within 24 hours. And each incident requires a specific reporting process to be followed. 

With Medcor’s OSHA reporting assistance, you can ensure that your team is able to promptly and accurately report any major incidents, day or night, reducing your risk of expensive OSHA fines and violations. 

When an employee is injured requiring inpatient hospitalization, experiences an amputating injury, loses an eye or dies as a result of a work-related accident, OSHA requires you to notify them quickly and complete specific paperwork. However, if the serious consequences of the incident are not immediate, such as if an employee requires an amputation days or weeks following a worksite injury, your duty to OSHA gets complicated. 

Medcor’s OSHA reporting service complements your existing incident reporting process. We utilize multichannel notifications to capture initial data, using that to determine OSHA Severe Event Reporting and recordkeeping requirements. Proprietary software tracks each event by location, providing thorough event data collection. 

Reports are available via a secure client portal, providing quality assurance and accountability. 

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