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How the Largest Onsite Medical Clinics Increase Employee Wellness

Today, more organizations are offering occupational health services and experiencing the benefits of improved employee health. Medcor is seeing an increase in onsite clinic adoption, particularly from large organizations with multiple locations or worksites. Businesses with onsite clinics enjoy a decrease in injuries and an increase in productivity.

Large employers benefit from offering onsite clinics by Medcor because we ensure consistent care recommendations across multiple locations while identifying injury trends leading to optimal preventive measures.

Benefits of Onsite Medical Clinics

Onsite health clinics improve employee health and wellness and save on costs in the short and long term. In the short term, an injured employee can receive care without leaving work, saving both replacement and management time. In the long term, employees taking advantage of preventive care and screening for chronic conditions improves their health. Healthy workers are more productive and less likely to have serious injuries on the job.

Promote a Healthy Workforce

When employees have convenient access to care, they are more likely to be proactive about their health and use Medcor’s preventative services. They also build trusted relationships with clinic staff, increasing their utilization of worksite health services.

Prevent Needless Claims and OSHA Recordables

Onsite medical clinics prevent needless claims and OSHA recordables by providing immediate care for work injuries and helping with prevention. When a referral is necessary, Medcor manages the claim to ensure appropriate care and a safe, efficient return to work.

Provide Consistent Care Across Locations

Medcor’s care algorithms ensure that the same injury is treated consistently across locations.

Use Data for Reporting, Analysis and Prevention

Medcor can maximize the use of health data collected in our clinics. This means we can analyze trends in accidents that can inform new policy and prevent future injuries.

What Services Can an Onsite Medical Clinic Offer?

Medcor’s services combine to create a custom occupational health solution tailored to the needs of your workforce. Along with urgent care for injuries, Medcor’s onsite clinics can provide routine physicals and preventive screenings, COVID-19 support, health coaching, mental health and more.

When offsite treatment is required for a work-related injury, Medcor helps manage the case through the employee’s return to work to ensure appropriate care and to save employers time.

Our Telehealth options help manage the health of both onsite employees and remote workers.

Employee Physicals

Physicals for returning to work or screening for chronic conditions promote employee health and can be done onsite to save time and hassle.

Drug Testing

Drug testing can be performed onsite for added convenience and workforce productivity. Our mobile testing units come to your worksite to eliminate leaving work.

Safety Training

Medcor’s safety training experts provide training at your worksite, saving on employee travel and offsite training. Site-specific training is beneficial for employee safety and to prevent OSHA recordables.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Programs

Medcor’s services help you stay compliant with OSHA requirements and safety guidelines. Compliance prevents accidents and injuries, and saves your organization from citations and fines.

Should You Outsource Your Health Services
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Thinking about extending onsite care to your workforce? See how your business compares to other organizations offering onsite clinics. Download Medcor’s guide to onsite health clinics and learn more about how they improve employee health and save money.

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