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How Employer Onsite Health Clinics Can Benefit Your Business 

onsite clinics benefit business

Your business’s success relies on having employees who are well-trained and committed to their jobs. Keeping your employees healthy is also essential, as sick employees are less productive and use more time off — costing you money. 

With an employer onsite clinic, located in or near your business, you can help keep your employees healthier and improve your bottom line. 

Here are four key benefits of employer onsite health clinics: 

Improve Employee Productivity 

No one feels like working hard when they’re sick. Making sure your employees are well and uninjured is part of protecting your business’s success, and an onsite clinic can help you achieve this goal. 

If an employee is injured on the job, they have convenient, prompt access to a medical professional who can evaluate and treat their injuries. For injuries that only require first aid, this means your workers get back to their jobs quickly, saving you time and money. And if offsite care is required, your onsite clinic staff can help guide the injured employee to in-network care appropriate for their needs. This reduces your overall medical costs while providing your employees with care suited to their condition. 

Having occupational health professionals onsite all the time also has the added bonus of helping you track common injuries, identifying potential risks to your workers. These risks can be corrected, reducing your overall injury rate and protecting your employees. This keeps your workers healthy and productive. 

Encourage Early Treatment and Preventative Care 

Early treatment and regular preventative care — including annual physicals and testing for chronic conditions — are key to improving health outcomes for injured employees. 

When employees in good health are injured, it’s often easier for them to make a faster recovery than someone who may have other complicating health conditions. This gets your injured employees back to work faster, decreasing what you spend on their healthcare and improving their well-being and satisfaction level. By offering easy access to preventative care to your employees, you allow them to take control of their health and put them at less risk of injury at work, and a higher chance they’ll make a swifter recovery if they do get injured. 

This same idea applies to your injured workers receiving prompt treatment for work-related injuries. The faster their injuries can be evaluated by a healthcare professional — and treated when appropriate — the more likely they are to make a fast recovery. In fact, 89% of employee visits at Medcor’s onsite clinics are resolved onsite. That’s a significant savings in time, money and frustration for you and your employees, along with an improvement in worker health. 

Manage Healthcare Spending 

Employer costs for healthcare have increased dramatically — more than 50% since 2010, according to the 2022 Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey. And this cost is projected to continue to rise. 

Having an employer onsite health clinic means you’re able to provide quality care to your injured employees, reducing the need for unnecessary treatment and expensive emergency care. Our onsite medical professionals evaluate your workers’ injuries and treat them onsite, so a bill for additional healthcare and a workers’ compensation claim is never generated. When offsite care is necessary, our team navigates your injured employee to the right in-network resources to meet their needs. 

But Medcor’s involvement doesn’t end when an injured worker is sent for offsite care. Our onsite team can help manage the employee’s treatment, ensuring they receive medically necessary, appropriate care and their recovery is on track. This helps you further avoid unnecessary healthcare costs and reduce your expenses. 

Compete for New Workers 

The labor market is tight, and it’s difficult to find quality workers who plan to stay in one job for an extended period. This makes ensuring you have every advantage over other businesses in your industry essential to finding and hiring top talent. 

By providing an onsite clinic, you’re able to offer a benefit that many other companies don’t. This makes you stand out to prospective employees, making you rank higher on their list of companies they’d like to work for.  

Whether you offer a traditional onsite clinic that allows your workers to get their annual physicals on their lunch breaks, a telehealth option for remote workers or a robust health and wellness program, employer onsite health clinics give you a competitive advantage when recruiting and hiring new workers. Your commitment to worker health also shows to prospective employees that you care about your workforce, something else that may give you a competitive edge with new workers. 

Your Partner in Worker Healthcare 

Keeping your workers safe and healthy is key to ensuring the financial health and longevity of your business. With a Medcor employer onsite health clinic, you can protect your workers’ health and wellness while decreasing your overall costs. See what a Medcor onsite clinic can do for you — speak with an advocate today