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Onsite Clinics

Onsite Health and Safety

Unsafe workplaces lead to worker injuries and workers’ compensation claims and can lead to costly OSHA violations. 

Onsite health and safety practices are essential— they provide a safe environment for your workers and customers. Making health and safety a priority at your worksite reduces your overall costs by preventing injuries and providing convenient access to care for injured workers, navigating them to the appropriate level of care.  

Medcor’s Onsite Health and Safety Services

Medcor’s onsite health and safety services provide worksites with comprehensive occupational health solutions to ensure they are in compliance and following regulations. We tailor our services to meet your strategic goals of reducing overall costs and risk. 

Onsite Clinics

Medcor’s onsite medical services bring healthcare right to your employees, at or near their worksite. Onsite clinics offer both immediate care services and routine essential care to keep your employees healthy. 

Physician Support

Our onsite health and safety services are supported by health professionals, including physicians (MD and DO), PAs, NPs, RNs and EMTs and paramedics.  

Immediate Injury Care

The primary goal of onsite occupational health and safety is to provide immediate, convenient care to workers after an injury, saving time and preventing unnecessary offsite care. 

Injury and Illness Triage

Our 24/7 injury and illness triage service is a pre-claim telehealth solution powered by proprietary technology and patented methods, utilizing evidence-based medicine to assess and navigate injured workers to the right level of care. This reduces unnecessary offsite visits and healthcare costs. 

Immunizations and Drug Testing

Remove barriers, such as time and access, by offering vaccinations and drug testing onsite, keeping your employees healthy and expediting their return to work.

Safety Training

Our worksite safety experts come to your worksite, training employees on hazards specific to your site and best safety practices.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Programs

Medcor’s worksite safety training team teaches OSHA compliance and trains them to identify hazards unique to your worksite, better preparing them and preventing injuries.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Onsite Health and Safety Services

By bringing in an experienced, knowledgeable onsite health and safety team like Medcor, you benefit from having a trained eye evaluating your worksite for hazards and immediate response when accidents happen.  

You get all the positive things about having an onsite health and safety team without the added costs of managing the program in-house, such as: 

  • Mitigating risk while caring for an employee’s overall health and safety 
  • Facilitating a safe return to work for injured workers 
  • Consistent care recommendations based on physician-directed protocols 
  • No additional costs or hassle of managing in-house programs 

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