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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Nurse Case Manager

Workers’ compensation claims come with a lot of moving parts. You have to work with your workers’ compensation third-party administrators, check in on your employee, liaise with care providers to get updates and more. 

With a workers’ compensation nurse case manager, all these tasks are streamlined and handled by one experienced person, giving you peace of mind knowing your employee’s care is in good hands. 

What Is a Workers’ Compensation Nurse Case Manager?

A workers’ compensation nurse case manager is experienced with occupational health, helping manage the care an employee receives after a workplace injury. Case managers work to ensure a safe return to work for the employee and cost savings for the company. 

When a claim is necessary, a case manager coordinates with your workers’ compensation insurance to assist in claim management. They assess the employee’s medical case as treatment progresses to ensure a safe and efficient return to work, saving on unnecessary medical treatment and doctor visits. 

A nurse case manager serves both the injured worker and the company to ensure recovery, control costs and manage OSHA recordability. It is their duty to put the employee’s best interests first, which in turn benefits your company when the worker returns at their healthiest and most productive. 

What Does a Workers’ Comp Nurse Case Manager Do?

Workers’ compensation nurse case managers help injured workers safely return to work and manage the claims process. The role of the nurse case manager includes: 

  • Scheduling medical appointments 
  • Coordinating with the treating physician or care team 
  • Keeping track of the injured employee’s recovery 
  • Reporting back to the insurance company 
  • Communicating any work restrictions necessary for the employee to safely return to duties 
  • Reducing lost time by helping to facilitate early return to work 

A workers’ compensation nurse case manager is beneficial to help coordinate treatment and manage costs over the course of an employee’s recovery. 

Medcor’s workers’ compensation nurse case managers can:

Coordinate Medical Treatment

A workers’ comp nurse case manager helps coordinate the doctor’s plan for the injured employee. They can schedule appointments and monitor employee care to prevent unnecessary physician visits. 

Perform Triage Following Injury

Injury triage is performed after an accident to ensure workers receive the appropriate level of care. Following Medcor’s care protocols, our nurses determine the right care for the injured employee. 

Perform Onsite Care Evaluations

With onsite care evaluations at Medcor clinics, the workers’ compensation nurse case manager works in collaboration with medical providers to assess the employee’s care plan, tracking their progress for return to work.

Coordinate a Return-to-Work Plan

Workers’ compensation nurse case managers coordinate return-to-work plans that include managing the care the injured employee receives and ensuring they are healthy when they return to work so they can perform their job safely.

Communicate the Employee’s Recovery

At all steps of the employee’s recovery process, Medcor nurse case managers communicate to you the progress of the employee’s recovery and return to work. You are given information regarding the employee’s recovery timeline, the status of their injuries and their estimated return-to-work date.

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Give your injured employees the best care possible with a Medcor workers’ comp nurse case manager. Speak to an advocate — one of our employees — to discuss your needs.

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