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Mobile Medical Services 

Give Your Employees the Care They Deserve — Wherever They Are 

Mobile occupational health services keep your workers safe and healthy, no matter where they are working. 

Your workers deserve the best care, even when your project calls for a remote location. And because it is essential to respond quickly to construction site injuries, mobile medical services just make sense. 

Providing easy access to occupational health professionals via a mobile medical unit saves you money, too. By not sending every injured employee offsite, you reduce your employee healthcare costs and improve worker productivity by returning employees to work faster.  

Immediate injury assessment and treatment: Injured workers see the best return-to-work rates when they receive prompt care. A Medcor mobile medical unit allows workers to be seen quickly after an injury and get the care they need to recover faster. 

Onsite drug and alcohol testing: A drug- and alcohol-free worksite is a safe worksite. Test your employees for drugs and alcohol at your jobsite, reducing barriers to testing and increasing compliance rates. 

Convenient site-specific testing: Conduct audiometric or respirator fit testing onsite, providing easy access to these safety measures. 

Case Study

Of the 90 incidents recorded from 2019 to 2020 (for one construction client), workers in 79 of the cases were able to receive care from mobile health professionals onsite, without any additional referrals to another healthcare provider. 

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