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Workers’ Compensation Case Management 

The workers’ compensation process is complicated and, depending on the nature of your worker’s injuries, can be time-consuming. Ensuring that your employee understands all steps in the process, completes their treatment correctly and is ready to return to work safely is key to keeping your workers’ comp costs lower and getting the employee back to work, but it is a lot to manage on your own. With workers’ compensation case management services from Medcor, part of our employer support offerings, you get skilled guidance to manage all the moving parts of your employee’s injury claim. 

Workers’ compensation case managers are experienced in occupational health, helping to manage an employee’s care following a workplace injury. Case managers work to ensure that the employee is ready for a safe return to work and that the company saves on costs. 

When it is necessary a claim gets filed, a workers’ comp case manager coordinates with your workers’ compensation insurance company to assist in the management of that claim. They assess the worker’s medical case as treatment progresses, ensuring a safe and efficient return to duties, saving you on unnecessary medical treatment and doctor visits. 

Workers’ compensation case management serves both the injured worker and the company to ensure recovery, control costs and manage OSHA recordability. It is the duty of the nurse case manager to put the employee’s best interests first, which benefits your company when the worker returns at their healthiest and most productive. 

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