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Construction Health & Safety 

Energy Generation & Distribution Services 

Completing your energy generation and distribution construction project on time and on budget is important to a lot of people. Every work-related injury your workers experience could delay your schedule and rack up medical costs. 

With Medcor’s construction health and safety services, your energy generation and distribution project can keep your workers safe and healthy — and be completed on time. 

Power generation and distribution construction sites come with their own unique hazards, including exposure to airborne particulates and heavy metals that could make your workers sick. When they are injured, getting prompt assessment and treatment of their injuries is critical — and it can be challenging if your worksite is in a remote location. With Medcor, your jobsite can have what you need to keep workers safe and healthy, all under one umbrella. 

Onsite Clinics 

Give your workers access to trained medical professionals with an onsite clinic. Our occupational health technicians (OHTs) provide prompt illness and injury assessment, with staffing up to 24 hours a day. Injured workers receive a level of treatment appropriate for their needs, with many on-the-job accidents resolved with onsite first aid. If necessary, workers are referred to in-network offsite providers for additional treatment. This helps you save money on medical costs, workers’ compensation claims and OSHA recordables, and helps workers get back to work faster. 

Mobile Clinics 

A permanent clinic structure is not suited for every jobsite. Medcor’s mobile clinics provide the same high-quality care as a permanent onsite clinic with the flexibility to move locations or set up in unusual places. 

Employee Safety Testing

Medcor onsite and mobile clinics offer your employees easy access to testing and surveillance programs that help keep them safe and healthy. Our OHTs can provide respirator fit testing, urine heavy metal testing and more to ensure your workers’ safety from environmental hazards. And because keeping a drug- and alcohol-free worksite is essential to everyone’s safety, we provide onsite drug and alcohol testing for pre-employment, random testing programs and suspicion of intoxication. 

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