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Site Safety & Health Officer

Many federal construction projects require full-time site safety and health officers (SSHOs). However, these skilled professionals provide valuable knowledge and expertise for any construction project. 

At Medcor, we can help you find an experienced SSHO for your project, protecting your workers while saving you the time and frustration of finding one yourself. Our safety staffing team has the resources necessary to find an SSHO for your project, wherever you are, minimizing your project downtime and keeping you on budget. 

What SSHOs Do 

Site safety and health officers are full-time members of a construction team dedicated to ensuring that all safety protocols and procedures are followed and that the project stays up to code. 

Key responsibilities of an SSHO include: 

  • Maintaining Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 
  • Conducting safety training specific to your project, including new employee orientation, refresher training, toolbox talks and on-the-spot training 
  • Performing daily safety inspections of your jobsite and equipment 
  • Responding to safety concerns 
  • Identifying hazards by carrying out site inspections 
  • Training employees to respond to emergency situations and evacuations 
  • Developing and maintaining site-specific emergency response plans 
  • Implementing accident prevention plans for hazardous substance handling 
  • Investigating incidents involving personal injury, property damage, safety violations or unsafe working conditions 

It is the SSHO’s job to respond to safety concerns and work to ensure that your team stays safe, healthy and compliant. 

The SSHO Staffing Challenge 

Because site safety and health officers are specialized professionals, many companies find challenges recruiting experienced SSHOs for their projects. This is especially difficult for projects with specialized safety needs or in rural locations. 

Hiring an SSHO the traditional way means a significant time and cost output — and could even delay your project’s start date. And, once an SSHO is hired, you are responsible for everything related to their employment, including paperwork, paying all relevant taxes and specialty training. 

How a Medcor SSHO Can Help Your Project 

While site safety and health officers are not legally required for all projects, but they can help you stay on budget and on schedule. They utilize their years of specialized training and experience to identify potential safety hazards, working to mitigate them before they become sources of injury for your workers. 

By employing an SSHO, you can ensure that your project remains compliant with all federal, state and local regulations and keep your workers at their safest and most productive. You will save money by avoiding costly injuries and workers’ compensation claims, and your workers will feel valued and protected knowing there is always a safety-minded professional onsite. 

Trusting Medcor to source a qualified SSHO helps you save the time and money you would expend hiring for the position yourself. We manage everything, including recruiting the right candidate, ensuring they get any specialized training and taking care of all the employment-related paperwork. Our SSHOs are highly experienced and have a low turnover rate, making your project run that much more smoothly. 

We also can source SSHOs to cover all shifts nationwide, drawing from a broad talent pool to find you the right candidate. 

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