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Occupational Health

Direct-to-Employer Healthcare

Direct agreements with healthcare providers for occupational health services save you money while increasing employee satisfaction and the health and safety of your workforce. This practice is known as direct-to-employer healthcare because it eliminates the need for third-party administrators to deliver employee benefits. Arrangements between companies like yours and providers like Medcor allow for custom solutions that meet unique needs and save money.

How Does Direct-to-Employer Healthcare Work?

Direct arrangements between companies and providers eliminate middle men while providing high-quality healthcare direct to employees. When you work directly with a provider like Medcor, your health plans can be tailored to the particular needs of your workforce, prioritizing the highest-cost and most frequent healthcare needs.

Ongoing care management continues to save you money by preventing unnecessary care and ensuring your employees are prepared for a safe return to work.

Healthcare costs for U.S. employers have increased 47% in the past 10 years. And employers who fail to significantly reduce their healthcare costs could see another 50% increase over the next decade.

Finding solutions is critical in order for employers to operate sustainably. Pair rising costs with the challenge of retaining quality employees in a competitive job market, and organizations are more interested than ever in extending occupational health services to their workers.

If an employer is looking to reduce the cost of healthcare for their employees, employer-direct healthcare is a solution for improving price transparency between companies and healthcare providers. Medcor’s business model is not tied to insurance claims, which makes us neutral and transparent, ensuring your employees are navigated appropriately and utilize in-network providers for significant cost savings. 

The scope of occupational healthcare offerings is quickly evolving, and Medcor is at the forefront of creating solutions that meet each company’s unique needs. These include a focus on whole employee care, including mental health and wellness initiatives.

Why Should You Consider Direct-to-Employer Healthcare?

Traditional health insurance is complex and confusing to the average employee. When an employee is injured on the job, they may not know who to go to immediately for help, which could result in an unnecessary and expensive emergency room visit.

With Medcor’s employer-direct healthcare solutions, you remove the burdensome guesswork from the traditional healthcare process, improve health outcomes for your workforce, prevent unnecessary claims, lower your costs and set your employees up for a safe return to work.

But direct-to-employer healthcare service is more than just injury treatment. Offering ongoing essential care services also improves the overall health and wellness of your workforce, and the data analytics available through Medcor captures trends in accidents and injuries so you can implement preventative initiatives.

Direct-to-employer healthcare does more than save you money. When you align your interests to better serve your employees, you can address and improve gaps in care, which also helps employees return to work sooner.

Partnering with Medcor not only simplifies the healthcare process for employers, but it significantly reduces overall costs and prepares your employees for a safe return to work.

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